Fountains are often entertaining features in theme parks with the movement of the water producing sounds and sights that help create relaxing or exciting environments.

The origins of the Jumping Fountains date back to 1982 when Disney Imagineers looked to do unusual things with water outside their Journey Into Imagination pavilion at EPCOT Center.  The Leapfrog Fountains were an immediate sensation, captivating guests' attention with their gravity-defying effects.
For the 1991 season, Six Flags Great Adventure introduced a new themed area of the theme park with the addition of Adventure Rivers. The new sprawling section celebrated the major waterways of the world with a collection of water slides, a water play area, as well as two rethemed existing water rides.

In comparison to other sections of the park, Adventure River's perimeter was clearly defined with a timbered entrance bridge flanked by twin waterfalls.  At the base of the bridge,  a trio of Jumping Fountains drew guests further into the new water playground.
At the Adventure Rivers opening event, ceremonial water from the rivers of the world each representative of the area's attractions was poured into the Jumping Fountains by park President Ray Williams, along with Bugs Bunny and other dignitaries.   Magically, the fountains began their acrobatic leaps from well to well, arching eight feet into the sky and landing into the neighboring vats over and over again.

Initially the three fountains were open to walk between, but guests tended to climb or sit on them, so for safety, a rope fencing was placed around the wells so the jumping waters could be enjoyed but not be interrupted.
The Jumping Fountains featured a bronze plaque affixed to the center unit crediting the designer William Hobbs, LTD, as well as stating the installation was an update of the technology used in EPCOT Center at "Disneyworld".

The Jumping Fountains operated for eight years with an occasional downtime for refurbishment and adjustments.  The fountains were removed along with the rest of the Adventure Rivers slide complexes at the end of the 1998 season as the area was rethemed to the Looney Tunes Seaport section the following season.
Even after their removal, the Jumping Fountains still left a literal mark on the park for several years to come. Three circles in the pavement, each a remnant of the fountain's wells, existed until the creation of Wiggles World for the 2007 season.  It wasn't until the removal of the flume ride that had been part of Adventure Rivers that the pavement was replaced and regraded.  Sixteen years after they were first introduced, the final traces of these aquatic devices were gone,  and the Jumping Fountains entered the Great Adventure history books.