Through the 1980's water parks started to become more popular and theme parks began to invest in new water based attractions in an effort to compete.  While some parks constructed full water parks adjacent to their properties, others invested in new dry-water slide type attractions to beef up their arsenal of rides.

Six Flags Great Adventure took a major step in putting "theme" into their theme park with the addition of Adventure Rivers in 1991.   Positioned on 15 acres of previous wooded land surrounding the park's Hydro Flume attraction, the winter of '90-'91 saw the transformation of this previously unused acreage to a highly themed section featuring three new dry-water slides.  These, coupled with a flume and near by rapids ride, along with an interactive kids splash area, added up to a beautiful section of the park themed to the rivers of the world.
Located towards the back of the Adventure Rivers section parallel to the lakefront was the new area's mid size slide tower - North American Rivers.  The 40 foot tall attraction featured two identical triple dip slides both of which were 275 feet long.  Positioned between the slides was a covered conveyer belt used to reposition to the top of the ride the inflatable rubber rafts that riders used to challenge the slides.  Unlike water park slides, the Adventure Rivers dry-water slides did not require guests to change into bathing suits to experience its aquatic fun.  Up to two riders totaling not more than 300 lbs sailed down the rivers with only the bottom of their rubber raft between them and the rushing water flow.
North American Rivers Technical Information
Number of Rivers: 2 Slides
Slides (Left to Right): Snake Chute
Colorado Cooler
Height: 40 feet
Length: 275 feet each
      High speed vertical curves   
  Steepest Incline:  34 degrees
Water Flow:  100 gallons per minute
Ride Capacity: Two-person inflatable rafts
960 Guests per hour 
Flume Materials: Prefabricated wood and fibergalss
Speed: 45 mph
Height Requirement: Under 42" with Adult
  The North American Rivers were named the Colorado Cooler for the Colorado River and the Snake Chute for the Snake River.  Compared to its sister tower African Rivers, the North American Rivers were twice as fast reaching speeds of 45 mph.  Even so, the tower's remote location in the back of Adventure Rivers made it the least popular of the three dry-water  slides.  As a result, this attraction was always the first of the three towers to remain closed during cooler weather or reduced staffing.  During the mid 1990s it was common for the North American Rivers to close early or be shuttered even on warm summer days.  
  The North American Rivers, Asian Rivers, and African Rivers dry-water slides lasted at the park until the end of the 1998 season.  The towers and the Adventure Rivers themed section would all be replaced by the Looney Tunes Seaport children's area in 1999.  While the Asian and African ride sites would be home to a collection of new Zamperla kiddie rides, the North American Rivers site remained unoccupied until 2007 when the Big Red Planes ride was added.  Up until that point, the ride's exit way was simply filled in and trees were added creating an unusual dead end in Looney Tunes Seaport.  
Original Spotlight:  May 18, 2007; Updated:  November 4, 2010; January 9, 2017.  GAH Reference #:  RIDE-1991-003