Simulator attractions were a fad in the theme park industry for several years, with varying styles and types of simulated adventures being installed in parks from coast to coast.  Alcatraz was an example of on of the smaller scale simulators designed to create an intense experience for small groups of guests.

Alcatraz the Ride was added to Six Flags Great Adventure in the 2001 season, taking over part of the park's original Administration Building which had been unused except as storage for many seasons. 

A new entrance for the building was added utilizing part of the queue that had been built for the Scrambler ride when it had been relocated to make way for the Chiller. Alcatraz eventually took the sign that had been created for the Scrambler when it was renamed G-Force Centrifuge.


Alcatraz was originally located in the center of the building, but was moved for the 2003 season to make way for the addition of Superman Ultimate Flight's entrance and exit/gift shop.  The ride was relocated to the far end of the building close to the Great American Scream Machine. 

Because the ride was an upcharge attraction and had limited capacity combined with the fact that many people didn't even realize what it was, there were few riders.  Several modifications were made to the entrance trying to draw more attention to the ride with bright colors and more signs. 

To help draw guests in, video screens were placed outside the ride for a time trying to explain what the ride was and create excitement about it.  Despite all attempts to draw guests in, the ride never seemed to catch on and was finally removed after the 2006 season. 

With Alcatraz gone, the building sat unused for two seasons until Season Pass Processing was moved into the vacant space.