Adult beverages have long been a popular item at amusement parks and some theme parks. Cold beer and other drinks are often seen as a great way to beat the heat on a hot summer day and to help relax and enjoy a day off from work.

For the 2018 season, and after fourteen years of the Liberty Pub serving beer and wine near the Fountain and the Pizza Parlor building, a big upgrade came to the area with the pub structure being leveled, and a new expanded and improved venue built. Construction didn't begin until after the park had opened for the season, with assembly lasting several weeks into the summer.

The new larger version was to be called the Ale House and featured craft beer and wine. Craft beer and drinks had become trendy in theme parks, with many of them even having their own custom crafted drinks. Alcohol became increasingly popular at Great Adventure with patrons too during events like Brew Ha Ha, Blues Brews and BBQ's, and the Grape Adventure festivals. 
The new Ale House was a big upgrade to the old Liberty Pub, built with a true bar with bar stools instead of the serving counter that the previous incarnation had. The new stone counter tops brought a new sense of permanence that was lacking in the old location.

The new Ale House was also built closer to the Fast Pass building so instead of being accessible on all sides, it was designed to have bar access on three sides encouraging guests to linger at the bar rather than making them carry their drinks to the adjoining patio area for consumption.
The bar featured screens for showing games and filling the roll of sports bar in the park just like the Pub. The emphasis on craft beers meant a selection of local brewers could be featured to give local flavor.

When it originally opened the Ale House featured a dozen affixed bar stools around the outer two sides of the bar.  During the COVID pandemic the stools were draped with covers to discourage guests from sitting there and to promote social distancing.  In 2022, two years after social distancing was required, the permanent stools were removed and replaced with a set of movable seats.
Since its debut the Ale House has been incorporated into the park's Fright Fest and Holiday in Park offerings with seasonal treats and themed drinks.  With the introduction of the new lineup of festivals to the park for the 2022 season, the Ale House also became the center for the Summer Vibes Festival and Oktoberfest event.  Most likely, the Ale House will continue to thrive during future events and daily operation.
Original Spotlight:  February 25, 2023.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-2018-001