The Alpen Blitz was a standard production model compact powered coaster manufactured by Schwarzkopf, and was designed for easy transportation and portability.   Generally the rides featured elaborate backdrop panels, though the one at Great Adventure never had these scenery panels in its short time operating at the park.

For the 1976 season, the park's front gate was relocated from its original location at the end of Dream Street to its current central location at the Fountain.

Alpen Blitz along with the Musik Express were added as part of the expansion in 1976 along a new pathway joining the Fountain area to Fun Fair.  This revamped section was previously a part of the Happy Feeling petting zone which was removed at the end of 1975.

The ride featured a bluish-grey track and supports that twisted in a configuration of the number eight within an oval.  White guide wires fanned out around two circular center supports at the far ends of the ride, similar to a sunlight pattern.

The ride was positioned just inside the park's new main entrance, creating excitement for those guests waiting to get in at the ticket booths. 
Maxing out at roughly 17 feet in height, the Alpen Blitz was hardly a tall ride, but its twisting turns gave riders what they had learned to appreciate on the Runaway Mine Train which was an instant park favorite.

While the ride did not feature the ornate scenic elements found on the fair circuits, the park did plant numerous trees and shrubs around and within the ride to lessen its industrial feel.
Technical Information
  Manufacturer: Anton Schwarzkopf
  Ride Model: Alpen Blitz II
  Number of Ride Vehicles: 10
  Number of Guests per Vehicle: 4 guests seated 2x2
  Maximum Guests per ride: 40
  Approximate Capacity: 1200 guests per hour
  Track Configuration: Figure 8
  Track Length: 690 feet
  Maximum Height of Track: 16.5 feet
  Power Requirement: 180 kw 
  Length of Ride: 133 feet
  Width of Ride: 81 feet
  Weight of ride: 76 tons - Four 40' containers
  Safety restraint: 3 position lap bars
  Features: One pushing and one pulling unit per train
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The station for the ride was made of wood and constructed to resemble a Swiss chalet.  A set of switchback queues led to a ramp to the loading and unloading platform.

Because the ride made several trips around its circuit, the track in the station was banked to allow for the increased forces on the riders while traveling at high speeds through this straightaway section.   While stopped in the station to take on new riders, the train loaded and unloaded with the cars parked on an angle given the tilted track.

The trains featured ten cars holding four passengers each situated between powered front and rear cars.  During operation, the train not only made a distinctive sound barreling around the figure-eight like track, but the constant hum of the powered units added to the roar of excitement.
Upon completion of their ride, guests would exit the train on the inner side of the station platform.  From there they would walk towards the front of the train and continue up a narrow staircase and cross over the track to the front of the ride where they would come back down a second staircase.

Due to the tight confines of the track and the exit platform, the train came extremely close to the wooden staircases, bridge, and operator's booth. 
Towards the end of the summer of 1978, Alpen Blitz was disassembled and its track, supports, and train were temporarily stored next to the reversing point of the newly opened blue loop of Lightnin' Loops.

The Alpen Blitz site was vacated to make way for a temporary Haunted House walk-thru attraction that was set up for two months during the Halloween season.  Today, the Alpen Blitz site is occupied by the Autobahn bumper car ride.