French fries are one of the all time favorite foods of guests at parks around the world. Often they are so popular that stands only selling fries and drinks do very well, offering a great anytime snack. 

With the addition of the Adventure Rivers themed section of the park in 1991, large crowds filled that area of the park on hot summer days and the existing food outlets were inadequate. For the second season of Adventure Rivers in 1992 a new food location was added to the section with the addition of Andre's River Fries, a stand only selling french fries and drinks.

What could have been an otherwise unremarkable food stand was made unique by creating a story to go with it, and in the dining patio area a stretched "hide" sign told the story of Andre's River Fries origin.
After several seasons as Andre's, the stand was turned over to a contractor and became Chippy's Fish & Chips. The stand was open only during peak season with the limited guest traffic through the area.

When the slides of Adventure Rivers were removed for the 1999 season, the stand was left on a deserted dead end pathway where the North American Tower once stood. 
In 2006 the area that had been part of Adventure Rivers then abandoned when the slides were removed and Looney Tunes Seaport was added, was updated as it became the park's new Wiggle's World section. The former Andre's got a new lease on life as the Yummy Yummy Cafe, the only food location in the new themed area.

The once rustically themed building was painted in bright colors and fanciful columns were added to the facade. The edge of the overhanging roof was decorated with cutouts of oversized fruit.  
Wiggle's World left Great Adventure in 2010, and for the 2011 season became Safari Kids. The former Yummy Yummy Cafe took on a new name as Oasis Cafe. The colorful building retained its bright design and some of the whimsical decorative elements were retained. The oversized fruit cutouts were removed and the sign was updated with hints of jungle foliage framing out the name. 

Names Through the Years

1992-1996 Andres River Fries
1997-1999 Andres Fish & Chips
2000-2006 Chippy's Fish & Chips
2007-2010 Yummy Yummy Cafe
2011-Present Oasis Cafe