Cotton candy has been a long time favorite treat at fairs, amusement parks, and theme parks. The first machine made cotton candy dates back to the turn of the 20th century and was perfected mid-century just in time for America's Baby Boom and the proliferation of amusement parks and theme parks from coast to coast. The sugar treat is a must have for many park-goers.

  For the 1980 season, Six Flags Great Adventure invested in two new prefabricated cotton candy and popcorn stands for the park. One was placed in the Fortune Festival games area and the other was placed near the entrance to the Aqua Stadium. These two stands were identical except for the color of their wood paneled siding. Aqua Cotton Candy was painted blue to coincide with the surrounding water theme area while the Games Cotton Candy took on a more earthy brown tone.

The Aqua Cotton Candy stand not only sold popcorn and cotton candy, but also produced it for the vendors who walked around the park and roamed the show venues selling their treats before the start of shows.
At the end of 1992 season, the stand was removed from the park and hauled backstage for a refurbishment.  Many thought the stand had been demolished especially since its sister stand had just been eliminated from the Games area.  However, at the start of the 1993 season the stand reappeared and its refurbishment was completed.

As part of the retheme of sections of the park under Time Warner's ownership of Six Flags, the Aqua Cotton Candy stand was scheduled to get remodeled to look like a colonial wagon, to match 1994's new Main Street section, selling the same treats and sweet provisions.

The stand was removed after the 1994 season but never reappeared either in its original form or as the remodeled wagon.  After 16 seasons of service Aqua Cotton Candy was gone when the park reopened in 1995.  The stand's site primarily sat vacant until 2018 when a brand new Liberty Snacks stand was installed. 
Original Spotlight:  May 16, 2018.  GAH Reference #:  FOOD-1980-003