Novelty food items have been a long time staple of theme parks, and snack stands offering unique and sometimes exotic treats.  The stands and carts tend to be scattered throughout parks to serve the crowds.

To help serve the large crowds of guests going in and out of Great Adventure's Aqua Stadium, the Aunt Jemima Waffles stand was built just outside its entrance. The stand sold a long time favorite, waffles and ice cream, which were a perfect snack treat for hot summer days. The waffles were eventually replaced by waffle cones in the mid 1980's.  Always changing, the food stand's menu was changed to hot dogs for 1988 and 1989.  For 1990, the stand changed its offerings to frozen yogurt since that was the new trend in ice cream at the time.  The frozen yogurt menu stayed until 1995 when Haagen Dazs brand took over and operated through 1998.

1978-1982   Aunt Jemima Waffles
1983-1985   Waffles and Cream
1986-1987   Waffle Cones
1988-1989   Aqua Express Hot Dogs
1990-1993   Aqua Express Frozen Yogurt
1994   Aqua Yogurt
1995-1998   Haagen Dazs
1999-2006   Ice Cream Parlor
2007-2012   Ben & Jerry's
2013   Six Flags Coaster Cones
2014-Present   Lakefront Snacks

From 1999 through 2006 the stand turned into the more generic "Ice Cream Parlor,"  featuring Hershey's Ice Cream.  In 2004 the stand received an upgrade with new glass and service windows added replacing the old open counters.

In 2007, the stand was taken over by Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, featuring their unique flavors as part of Six Flags introduction of more brand name food options throughout their parks.  As part of the Ben & Jerry's branding, their unique cloud print umbrellas were added to the scattered dining tables.
For the 2013 season, the stand was once again changed to reflect the new trends in food with the introduction of Six Flags Coaster Cones.  The stand featured multiple flavors of frozen yogurt with a wide array of toppings,  just like the frozen yogurt shops popping up all around the country.  Short-lived, with the reintroduction of ice cream back into the nearby Yum Yum Cafe, the Aqua Snacks facility was once again renamed for the 2014 season as   Lakefront Snacks.  Its offerings were also changed to include pretzels, popcorn, churros, and beverages - perfect snacks for watching a show in the neighboring Aqua Stadium.