Best of the West was designed to evoke the spirit of the frontier through the larger than life vision of Warner LeRoy. Best of the West was one of the four major restaurants designed for the park, each unique and spectacular. Only Best of the West, the Yum Yum Palace and Gingerbread Fancy made it from the drawing board to the Enchanted Forest, and all three continue to impress guests more than 35 years later.


Best of the West is not only one of the most unique and distinctive buildings at Six Flags Great Adventure, but one of the most unique buildings in any theme park.  Many theme parks feature "western" themed areas and include similarly rustic looking structures, but few if any feature the genuine timber frame construction of massive logs that was used for Best of the West.  Steel framed buildings with faux wood or simple facades of genuine timber are the norm, but Best of the West is truly unique, relying on the log structure for support as well as for decorative effect.

Along with the adjoining Super Teepee, Best of the West featured huge logs trucked to the park from the other side of the continent in Canada's Yukon Territory.  The logs gave the authentic look and feel to the structures, and the scale of the logs created the larger than life feel that Warner LeRoy wanted to achieve throughout the Rootin' Tootin' Rip Roarin' area and throughout the park.



Because of the timber frame construction and the tight deadlines for bringing the park to life, the timber framing crews had to work long hours to get the building complete in time for the park's opening. In early 1974 the logs began to arrive and crews set to work cutting notches and drilling the holes necessary to connect the massive pieces together for the structure.  When the building was completed, it was the most expensive structure at the park, with a price tag of over $2 million dollars.  In 2009 money that would equal nearly $10 million. 

The building was designed to take advantage of the views of the lake, the Log Flume and the terrain.  The building was built high above the water level , with the lower level housing not only storage and equipment for the restaurant itself, but also the massive air conditioning units for both Best of the West and the Super Teepee.  

Originally the building featured a wraparound porch, providing balconies on four sides to accommodate hundreds diners. The apex of the roof featured a skylight to let the natural light in the massive building and supplement the rustic steer horn chandeliers.  The restaurant has featured varied menus through the years, but has consistently had the scent of grilling meat and barbecue sauce in the air.

The roof structure was modified to include a raised section at the top for ventilation. This was needed to help mitigate the smoke from the grill which constantly fills the air inside the building.  Later, a clearstory window structure was added, brining more light into the restaurant.  The original rough hewn log roof was covered with a steel skin in 1988 to help preserve the logs as well as offer additional protection from weather and from the threat of fire from the sparks of fireworks. 



The restaurant's location in the middle of the Log Flume originally meant huge crowds since the Flume was one of the largest and most popular rides in the park. With the declining popularity of the Flume, and the removal of the Shooting Gallery, foot traffic to the restaurant declined over time. To help compensate, the signage has been improved over time, helping to direct passersby in for the delicious food. Today Best of the West is the park's most popular restaurant, and is a favorite of many guests.


The interior of the building hasn't changed much over time, with the exception of new furniture and reconfiguration of the layout. Various changes included the addition for several years of a grizzly bear, and varying entertainment offerings including a D.J. and karaoke.  The dining tables around the balcony were replaced in 2006, with the old benches being retired for use on the lower level walkway as well along with other locations around the Frontier Adventures section of the park.