Ellmer Fudd Weather Balloons at Six Flags Great Adventure          


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Added in 1999 as part of the "War on Lines", the Elmer Fudd Seaport Weather Balloons are a standard model Zamperla "Samba Balloons" ride.

Re-themed and renamed as part of the creation of Wiggle's World for the 2007 season, the balloons are now known as Dorothy's Racing To the Rainbow.
Elmer Fudd Seaport Weather Balloons 

Added as part of the the 1999 season's "War on Lines" as part of the new Looney Tunes Seaport area, the Elmer Fudd Seaport Weather Balloons were manufactured by Zamperla Rides.   The ride is a "Samba Balloon" model, and was given a Looney Tunes theme with a central fiberglass Elmer Fudd figure in the basket of the center balloon.

The ride was not ready to open for the start of the 1999 season, and was still in pieces awaiting assembly.

The ride underwent an extensive rehab for the 2006 season, not operating for the first few weeks of the season while all the systems were inspected and reassembled.
Dorothy's Racing to the Rainbow 
  For the 2007 season, a portion of the Looney Tunes Seaport area became part of the new Wiggle's World children's area.  

The Balloon ride was part of this makeover, becoming Dorothy's Racing to the Rainbow, with a fresh new colorful look.   

The ride was given a makeover with color and decals which added a decidedly feminine appearance to it, with flowers and pastel colors befitting a proper lady dinosaur.
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Racing to the

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