In the late 1980's and early 1990's, the theme park industry re-invented one of the old standards, the live action show.  The studio parks introduced stunt shows which like their predecessors in older parks featured effects which included fire, water and live actors creating a dramatic story.   With Time Warner's takeover of Six Flags, an effort was made to incorporate more of the company's movies into attractions, and the stunt show was a perfect format to showcase Hollywood style special effects and stunts.

For the 1992 season Great Adventure decided to add the Batman Stunt Arena, the first of its kind in the Six Flags chain.

Six Flags CEO Bob Pittman wanted to go up against Disney and promote the Six Flags parks as a closer to home alternative.  Knowing that Disney cornered the market in the “cute and cuddly” department with its endless cast of characters, Six Flags had an edgier focus using Warner Brothers extensive film library and the Super Hero characters.  Batman was one of their first choices.  


The Arena was built in a corner of the park that had been home to the park's second set of bumper cars and the Swiss Bob flat ride.

Construction was just in the very beginning stages as the park opened for the season.   The corner of what would become Movie Town had a large construction wall around the site between Freefall and the restaurants. 

The construction area opened to the backstage areas home to the park's maintenance shops which offered easy access for the construction crews and vehicles even while the park was open to the public. 
The new stadium took shape over the course of the spring, with its steel structure and seats taking shape quickly.   The semi-circular structure featured a steel roof over the audience. 

The three entries to the building were created using huge corrugated steel tubes normally used for culvert construction, set partially into the ground so wide walkways could be fashioned at the bottom.  These were part of the industrial theme given to the exterior of the building, looking like giant storm drains.

The bleachers and outer shell of the building took shape while the stage set with the buildings of Gotham City rose up in the arena.  The exterior was transformed into the Axis Chemical factory, with pipes, valves and smokestacks with plumes of smoke blowing into the sky above Gotham City. 

In front of the Arena, the walkways were paved with new paving blocks.   At each of the entries, the "chemicals" spilled out onto the walkways, with painted concrete looking like it was pouring out into the park.

As spring went on the stadium was completed and the show was ready to make its big debut to the public.

The addition of the Batman Stunt Arena transformed this long unnamed section of the theme park (originally known as Fun Fair) into Action Town.

In 1993 the Stunt Show was joined by Batman: The Ride as part of a further re-theme of the area of the park into Movie Town.

Since the opening of the Stunt Arena in 1992, little of its appearance has changed.   With the changing shows in the Arena, the signs have been removed and replaced several times, and the Axis Chemical factory facade has been repainted as the color has faded in the sun and weather.  
1992: The Batman Stunt Show

 “Experience thrills and chills as Six Flags Great Adventure’s professional stunt team performs the electrifying exploits of Batman!  See the Dark Knight’s nemesis come alive before your eyes.  Spellbinding stunts will dazzle the little ones, impress the teens and keep thrill-seekers of all ages on the edge of their seats.”

The first season’s show centered around a movie shoot as if the acts were being put on for a filming team.  This was dropped in later seasons.

Original features of the show included an elevator lift inside the windowed building to the right of the Axis smokestack.  Batman entered from the bottom and impressively rose to the top of the set.  The smokestack itself featured a “human” cannonball effect and made use of a lifesize dummy to make it look like the Joker shot him out of the stack. The Batmobile in the first show cost $63,000.



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1993: The Batman Stunt Show

“Join us in Axis Chemical as the Caped Crusader saves Gotham City and Vicki Vail from the clutches of the evil Joker.” 


May 22 through September 6

1994: The Batman Stunt Show
 “Join us in Axis Chemical as the Caped Crusader saves Gotham City and Vicki Vale from the clutches of the evil Joker.  Please Note:  The Batman Stunt Show contains loud explosions and pyrotechnics which many be unsuitable for very young children." 

May 21 through September 5.
1995: Batman Forever
 “Join us as Batman and Robin go face to face with the Riddler and his evil gang as Gotham City is bombarded with helicopter crashes, a new Batmobile to fight crime and a machine that robs the mind from the citizens of the city.”

The Stunt Shows were always subject to cancellation in the event of any precipitation or if the wind was blowing the wrong direction.   
1996: Batman Forever
  “It’s explosive!  It’s intense!  It’s back!  Join us Batman and Robin go face to face with the Riddler and his evil gang as they try to capture Gotham City.”
1997: Batman Forever
1998: Batman Forever

“It’s explosive!  It’s intense!  It’s back!  Join us Batman and Robin go face to face with the Riddler and his evil gang as they try to capture Gotham City.”

1999: Gotham City: Carnival of Chaos
Come see our all-new Batman Stunt Show full of thrills and excitement, a show not to be missed!  Caped crusader Batman foils the Joker’s evil plot in this new, action-packed stunt show.
2000: Imperial Warriors of the Qin Dynasty
“Celebrating the first unification of China in 200 B.C. the returning warriors of Emperor Qin Shi Huang Di compete with each other to “show off” their incredible skills and strength in a quest to earn the hand of the Emperor’s beautiful daughter.”
2001: No Show This Season
2002: No Show This Season
2003: No Show This Season
2004: Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight
  “The only show of its kind, based on the DC Comics Superhero Batman, the show features the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, as they battle to save Gotham City from the evil clutches of Catwoman and The Joker in this all-new, high-voltage adventure."   
2005: Batman vs. Catwoman: Catfight
2006: Various Shows
The first of the attractions in the Stunt Arena was the "Backstage Barnyard."

"This unique and exciting petting zoo features a combination of animals such as sheep, rabbits, goats, chickens, alpacas and even a miniature horse.”
A real “American Bushman,” Kachunga dares to step into the wet domain of the alligator and wrestle the giant, 250-pund creature to land, then educate you on the alligator’s anatomy, history and even provide a rare look inside its mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. 

May 6 to June 28.
  FrightFest -
“Special performances as a preview for the Hayride to the Unknown – ‘Swamp Creature’”
2007: No Shows This Season
Except "Night of Shadows" during FrightFest
The Stunt Arena was closed for the season, with the Fire Flies show taking place on a stage outside the Arena gates during the regular season.
“Don’t miss the amazing artistry, pounding percussion and electrifying music and dance of this dark variety show.”
2008: No Shows This Season
2009: No Shows This Season
2010: No Shows This Season
2011: No Shows This Season
2012: No Shows This Season
2013: No Shows This Season
2014: No Shows This Season
2015: No Shows This Season
2016: No Shows This Season
2017: No Shows This Season
2018: No Shows This Season