Cotton candy has been a long time favorite treat at fairs, amusement parks, and theme parks. The first machine made cotton candy dates back to the turn of the 20th century and was perfected mid-century just in time for America's Baby Boom and the proliferation of amusement parks and theme parks from coast to coast. The sugar treat is a must have for many park-goers.

For the 1992 season, the prefabricated Games Cotton Candy stand that had stood at the top of Great Adventure's games area for more than ten years was replaced with a larger and more permanent structure known as Boardwalk Cotton Candy.

Unlike the trailer-like stand it replaced, Boardwalk Cotton Candy sported a simple Atlantic City fudge shop inspired motif with pink and blue colors that matched the two most popular cotton candy flavors of pink vanilla and blue raspberry.  The shop featured large windows where guests could look in on the cotton candy being hand spun. 

In 1996, the stands name was changed to Boardwalk Sugar Shack to better align with its expanded menu of other high calorie treats like soft serve ice cream, Belgian waffles, and soft drinks.
Boardwalk Cotton Candy
Names Through the Years

1992-1995  Boardwalk Cotton Candy

1996-2005  Boardwalk Sugar Shack

2006  Boardwalk Ice Cream

2007-2012  Ben & Jerry's

2013-Present  Rita's
With an ever increasing focus on ice cream, in 2006 the stand became Boardwalk Ice Cream, which led to it becoming a Ben & Jerry's outlet in 2007 as that brand became an official sponsor for Six Flags.  (Note how Ben & Jerry's sign was super-sized to make their presence known!)  Most recently in 2013, the stand changed yet once again with Rita's water Ice and frozen custard setting up shop.  

Whether its cotton candy, ice cream, or a custard treat, the Boardwalk Cotton Candy stand has fulfilled the needs of hungry guests searching for a sweet refreshing treat for almost three decades at Six Flags Great Adventure.
Original Spotlight:  May 16, 2018.  GAH Reference #:  FOOD-1992-004