Burgers and hot dogs have long been the traditional meal of many theme park goers, so parks generally have quite a few locations serving these staples. Great Adventure has been home to several stands of varying sizes over the decades, adding Captain Jacks in 1992 to serve the crowds of Adventure Rivers.

Captain Jacks was added to the pathway between Lightnin' Loops and Congo Rapids as part of the new Adventure Rivers area that had been added the previous season. The exotic theme of the Adventure Rivers was continued with the new restaurant.

Theme elements included a bamboo roof and gable along with a rustic sign featuring the Captain Jack character. Under the covering of the adjacent patio, a large wall map told the story of Captain Jack, adding a really nice story element to an otherwise unremarkable restaurant.

Through the seasons the menu changed with the hot dogs and hamburgers being replaced with subs and barbeque. At the same time, the area around it was also changing with Adventure Rivers going away in 1999 and then the arrival of Nitro in 2001. 
With the addition of the Hurricane Harbor waterpark in 2000, and the subsequent re-theme of the restaurant in 2001, the Captain Jack figure was moved to become Sharky of Sharky's Snack Shack.
Names Through the Years

1992-1999 Captain Jack's Burger Grill
2000 Captain Jack's Subs and Barbecue
2001-2004  BBQ Boss & Jim's Super Subs
2005-2009  Nitro Grille
2010-2012 New England Hot Dog Company
2013-Present Load it Up
With the introduction of Nitro in 2001, the queue for the new coaster was routed behind the restaurant, so the building was re-themed with sheet metal to match Nitro's industrial look. With the new neighbor and new look also came a new name as the restaurant was christened Nitro Grille.

In 2010, the Nitro Grille was renamed again and the menu updated as it became New England Hotdog Company.   The new restaurant offered unique specialty hot dogs and snacks.

Most recently in 2013, the stand was changed to Load It Up! offering cheese fries, hot dogs, and nachos.