Perhaps one of the most common rides in the world is the "umbrella ride" which features an assortment of vehicles which travel in a circle around a central axis which supports a large canopy. These rides are a favorite of children everywhere.



Cars! Cars! was one of two Hampton umbrella rides that were part of Great Adventure's original Ride-a-Rama children's area. These rides were available in many configurations including cars, trucks, motorcycles and spaceships. This particular version featured cars and trucks in varying forms.

Like all umbrella rides, Cars! Cars! featured dozens of lights all over the vehicles. The central umbrella supports featured fluorescent bulbs with plastic sleeves in varied colors.

The most loved and reviled feature of the ride was the vehicles "horn" buttons which made a loud buzzing noise to the delight of the young riders and the irritation of the ride's operator and waiting parents.

When the Ride-a-Rama section was removed to make way for the new park entrance in 1976, the ride was moved to the new Kiddie Kingdom area and renamed The Jackson 500. In 1979 the ride was moved to a new location within Kiddie Kingdom and renamed again, this time becoming the Happy Hotrods.

In 1984 the Kiddie Kingdom section took on a new theme and a new name as it became Shirt Tales Land. The ride was now called Rick's Raccoon Raceway. The following season as the Looney Tunes characters were introduced to the park and the children's area became Looney Tunes Land, the ride was renamed again, this time becoming the Road Runner Raceway. In 1988 the ride was renamed Beep Beep Buggies as Looney Tunes Land became Bugs Bunny Land.

Over time the awning covering the ride was replaced several times. The first few times an identical red, yellow and blue canvas was used, and later a solid teal awning and a teal and purple awning were substituted. The original awning featured a white fringe trim along the edge, and the replacements featured a simple scallop design.
     Cars!Cars! Names
1974-1975  Cars! Cars!
1976-1978  The Jackson 500
1979-1983  Happy Hotrods
1984 Rick's Raccoon Raceway
1985- 1987 Road Runner Raceway
1988-2004  Beep Beep Buggies 
Technical Information
  Ride Rotation: Counterclockwise
  Ride Diameter:  26 Feet
  Number of Units: 8 Cars
  Unit Capacity: 2 to 9 children
  Cycle Capacity: 44
  Riding Time: 90 seconds
  Loading Time: 2 minutes
  Unloading Time: 1 minute
  Cycle Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
  Cycles Per Hour: 13.3
  Hourly Capacity: 585
  Weather Forcing Shutdown: None
  Restraining Devices: Safety Belts
  Manufacturer: Hampton - Umbrella Ride
Ride Restrictions: 54" maximum
With the close of the 2004 season came the closure of Bugs Bunny Land to make way for the Golden Kingdom. While some of the rides returned to the new Balin's Jungle Land in 2005, the umbrella rides did not. 

After more than 30 seasons the ride was retired and its fate is unknown at this time. Whether relocated to another park or sold or just scrapped, the variety of cars offered thousands of children hours of enjoyment, whether in a sports car, fire truck, antique car, track vehicle or on a motorcycle.