The difference between amusement parks and theme parks has traditionally been that theme parks have added elements to create a somewhat immersive environment. Sometimes it's the smallest and simplest of these theme elements that go the furthest to convey the spirit of the themed environment.

For the 1994 season, Six Flags Great Adventure went to great lengths to bring the theme back to the theme park. This was the new strategy of the Six Flags Theme Parks under the new ownership of Time Warner. The concept was to elevate the park's standing above other regional amusement parks, as well as to promote the Time Warner family of media and brands including movies, TV, magazines, and more.
One huge undertaking in the park was turning the unthemed former Fun Fair area of the park into Movie Town, a celebration of New Jersey's history in the movie industry as well as a celebration of the films of Time Warner's vast movie library. One of the most famous films in the Warner archives was the 1942 film "Casablanca". The classic film didn't lend itself to an attraction, but was used as an architectural inspiration for the new Blue Parrot Restrooms, designed in the Moorish style of the North African city. To complement the new structure a large hand painted mural was created on the long section of wall alongside the building.
The colorful panels of the mural illustrated the location of the film using the same style as the opening title of the movie.

The mural only lasted three seasons before it was removed in 1997 for the creation of the new Snowy's Snacks stand which was installed next to the new Batman & Robin: The Chiller roller coaster.
Original Spotlight:  August 26, 2021.  GAH Reference#:  FEAT-1994-001