A classic attraction found in amusement parks and theme parks around the world was the shooting gallery. These were places where guests could test their marksmanship the safe way with guns shooting beams of light and activating targets.

As the crowds continued to grow in the 1980's all of the park's attractions expanded to keep up. The two shooting galleries in the park were so popular that a third was added. The new Chicago Shootout offered a new twist with a 1920's gangster themed shooting gallery. 
  Great Adventure's existing shooting galleries, the Western Shootout and Safari Shootout,  were very traditional, featuring "old west" and "big game" style targets. The Chicago Shootout was much more elaborate with its gangster theme.   The same year the Safari Shootout was removed from the park, the Chicago Shootout was added.  
Perhaps the most striking feature of the Chicago Shootout targets was the 1920's style car located at the center of the action along with several other life size figures and props .  
  With the popularity of video games on the rise, shooting galleries lost their appeal so they were either closed or converted to other types of games.
  Games of skill were added to the Chicago Shootout building, though the sign remained on the buiding for some time after the change occurred.  

The remodeling of the gallery made way for the introduction of wheels of chance, a type of game that was very popular up and down the New Jersey shore.
  The games of skill throughout the park swelled in number to the point that it was time for some to retire. A new purpose for the building was needed, and a new attraction was introduced for the 2000 season.  
In 2000, a small virtual reality attraction called Castle Escape took over the Chicago Shootout building. The upcharge attraction lasted two seasons before moving to a new location across the midway.  
  For the 2001-2003, the building was once again home to several games as the Castle Escape Games. The offerings kept changing with games of skill coming and going and eventually just turning into a set of coin operated crane games. 
  For the 2004 season the building was converted back to its original purpose, becoming a shooting gallery once again. The new shooting gallery featured a pirate themed movie set.  
  The "Shooting Gallery" was unique and offered the first shooting gallery the park had for several seasons. The Shooting Gallery lasted only through the end of the 2007 season.  
  For the 2008 season, the building turned back into games of skill, using some of the equipment that had been part of the games attached to the Autobahn bumper cars.  With the closure of the Old Country area of the park, the equipment was no longer needed so it made sense to move it where it could be used again. From 2008-2011 the building was known as Enchanted Forest Games, and the lineup once again changed from time to time as games of skill came and went and were periodically replaced with crane games.   
Chicago Shootout Names
Through the Years
1981-1990   Chicago Shootout
1992-1999   Chicago Shootout Games
2000   Castle Escape Virtual Reality
2001-2003   Castle Escape Games
2004-2007   Shooting Gallery
2008-2011    Fantasy Forest Games
2012-Present    Adventure Alley Games

  For the 2012 season the building was renamed again, taking on the new name Adventure Alley Games. The new setup featured the Flying Rings game of skill on one side, and the other side featured a new bank of lockers to serve the neighboring Sky Screamer ride.