In the 1970's, the closed inflatable trampoline or "moon bounce" became a popular attraction at fairs, amusement parks and theme parks. They took on various forms and shapes which could be customized to varying themes, but the general idea was to allow children to bounce their energy away.

The Clown Bounce was the second bounce house in Great Adventure's history, replacing the Moon Bounce that had been part of the Ride-A-Rama area of the park when it opened in 1974. The Clown Bounce appears to be similar to the original Moon Bounce, but perhaps a larger version.
The Clown Bounce was one of the new attractions that opened with the new Kiddie Kingdom area of the park in 1976 after the original children's area was closed for the relocation of the park entrance plaza.


The Clown Bounce was located at the back edge of Kiddie Kingdom and lasted two seasons before it was removed at the end of the 1977 season. The spot formerly occupied by the Clown Bounce became home to the AstroLiner.

The Clown Bounce - Included in the 1976 Children's Movie Viewer
Few pictures of the Clown Bounce seem to exist though it was included in the Children's Movie Viewer film.