One of the more unique and unusual construction projects at Great Adventure was the Aqua Spectacle stadium. The large 16 foot deep salt water pool, infrastructure for water treatment, and seating for thousands of guests were a massive project and it all was completed in less than six months time.
The pool took shape first with the massive concrete foundation and base being set slightly below grade on the hillside along the lake. Concrete forms were then setup to build the walls of the tank upwards.  Those walls would also support the walkways and seating areas around the stadium.
At the same time the work was taking place on the tank, the concrete foundations for the stadium went in. As part of those foundations a series of concrete tanks were built beneath what would be the seating area. The tanks were necessary for treating the water in the main pool.
With the foundation in place, steel beams were placed to support the concrete floor of the viewing area.
As part of the pool, the central "island" structure was constructed, creating the division between the main performance area and the backstage area where the dolphins were held between performances. and during the diving shows.
Section by section the concrete base of the seating area and steps were completed. With the base in place the aluminum benches were installed. At the same time the stucco exterior walls of the Aqua Spectacle were constructed around the outside of the stadium.
With Great Adventure's opening day approaching all of the parts of the Aqua Spectacle were coming together. Equipment, like the central mast for the high divers, were installed along with the crow's nest/ladder used by the dolphin trainers in the high jumps.

The colorful seat backs were placed on the benches and at the top of the seats the stadium's sound booth was constructed.

With the pool coating added to the concrete the water could be added and treated in preparation for the arrival of the ten dolphin performers.