Construction of the Carousel was one of the more odd looking projects in the Enchanted Forest, with the ride being assembled first and then the pavilion going up around it.
The concrete pad that would serve as the base of the Carousel was poured first in the middle of the sandy clearing that would become Dream Street. The Carousel arrived from England in its original traveling vehicles, carefully packed for moving from town to town or in this case from continent to continent.
The central post and drive mechanism of the ride were placed, and the Carousel was assembled around it with the parts hanging from the center post. With the framework and mechanical portion of the ride complete, the decorative panels were applied.
With the ride completed and ready to run, the surrounding pavilion was built around it. Steel columns went up first, supporting the roof beams. The roof went up over the Carousel and then the decorative fiberglass coverings were installed over the steel framework.