The first impression of the Enchanted Forest that guests would receive was the park's entrance plaza. Located at the foot of Dream Street, the entrance area was designed to resemble a fair or festival with tent-like canvas structures in the heavily wooded area.  
The actually construction of the entrance plaza was relatively simple, with small foundations for the ticket booths which were simple plywood boxes with arched windows. Each of the booths were topped with a colorful striped canvas roof.
Just beyond the ticket booths the main restroom facilities were constructed on one side of Dream Street and the Guest Relations building on the other side with the entry turnstiles between them. The turnstiles were covered with a canvas tent structure in colorful stripes to match the ticket booths and the restroom and Guest Relations buildings were also covered with the same canvas. The canvas buildings were designed to match the style of the neighboring four tents which served as the park's main gift shops.