As the largest of the Enchanted Forest's show venues, the Great Arena was also the largest earth moving project in the park. To create the raked seating large hills were formed first to create the profile of the seating areas. 
Truck after truck of fill was brought in to create the earthen berm.  Bulldozers and steam rollers then moved and compacted the soil in preparation for the next phases of construction.
With the terraced walkways around the Arena in place and the slope of the hills set to specifications, the concrete work began. First along the edges of the Arena floor, foundation walls were poured. These would sever as support for the tiered concrete seating areas and  arena steps,  as well as create the wall around the Arena's floor.
With the foundation walls set, the wooden forms and rebar were built up section by section. The concrete forms were then filled using a pumper truck from the floor level.
Over the weeks the concrete sections took shape, eventually surrounding the Arena completely. Once the lower level terraces were complete, the crews started forming the upper tiers of seating.  While the concrete work was still going on for the upper level, installation of the aluminum benches began. The seats were installed first, then the colorful bench backs were placed.
As opening day approached, work on the Arena went into high gear as crews tried to finish construction. The Great Arena was ready for the July 1st opening day of the park though the surrounding Rootin' Tootin' Rip Roarin' area of the park wasn't completed. For the first three days the park was open guests would have to trek through the construction area to the Great Arena to see the spectacular shows.