Built as a combined attraction, shop and restroom facility, the Shoot Out building was constructed to match the western style of the neighboring Best of the West, Fort and Conestoga Wagon. The building was a simple box at its core which housed the shooting gallery, restrooms and hat shop. The decorative aspect of the building was the chunky wooden columns supporting the wrap around porch roof and board walkways reminiscent of the old west.

The rest room facilities were designed to service both the crowds of the Great Arena as well as the Best of the West restaurant which did not have its own restroom facilities. Despite the best efforts of all the construction crews working around the clock to get things finished in time for opening day, July 1st, the western area of the park didn't open until July 4th.
Original Spotlight:  March 19, 2007; Updated March 15, 2012; July 6, 2019; JULY 6, 2020. 
GAH Reference #:  GAME-1974-001