Simultaneously one of the simplest construction projects and one of the more difficult ones from the initial build-out of the Enchanted Forest was the Super Teepee. The structure was exactly what it was supposed to be, a giant canvas tent which is one of the simplest structures but the challenges came from the scale of the structure as well as making it a comfortable facility with air conditioning.

To begin the construction a tall central scaffold was setup. The giant logs were hoisted into position around the perimeter of the tent and set directly into the concrete. At the apex of the tent the logs were bolted to a central wooden hub. That hub would have a mirror image hub attached to the top with smaller logs sticking upwards to create the illusion of logs that were much longer.

With the logs in place, the concrete floor was poured and the air conditioning system was installed. The air conditioning units were placed in three equidistant locations around the perimeter. The air handlers were connected with underground pipes to the condenser units that were housed in the "basement" of the neighboring Best of the West.  Once the AC and electrical systems were in place, the floor set and the  decorative chandelier was hung, the colorful canvas skin was stretched around the log framework.  
Original Spotlight:  March 19, 2007; Updated March 15, 2012; July 1, 2019; July 6, 2020.
GAH Reference #:  SHOP-1974-001