Many of the original rides in the Enchanted Forest were designed to be portable rides on the fair circuit of Europe, and assembly was fairly simple and easy. The Traffic Jam was one of those portable rides and it was fully assembled long before the rest of the park was anywhere near completion. Like the rest of the attractions in the park, great care was taken to preserve as many trees around Traffic Jam as possible so land clearing was kept to a minimum. The steel base of the ride was setup first, complete with the steel floor. Once the floor was complete, the support columns went vertical.
With the columns in place, the framework for the roof was assembled at ground level. The outside frame supported the roof trusses which also supported the electric grid that powered the cars. Decorative aluminum panels and lighting were attached to the exterior prior to the roof being raised to full height. Once the roof was in place, the canvas was stretched across the framework to finish the building.

The brand new cars arrived and were setup on the steel floor, ready for guests on July 1st.  Like so many of Great Adventure's attractions, Traffic Jam was billed as the "world's largest" bumper car ride.