Great Adventure was designed to be a celebration of natural beauty. The Enchanted Forest theme park was carefully planned to preserve the beautiful trees as much as possible. In an effort to enhance the beauty, the Woodland Gardens area was created along the edge of Switlik Lake. The gardens were designed to offer great views of the lake as well as serve as a queue area for the adjoining Aqua Spectacle. The Aqua Spectacle was a hugely popular venue playing to packed houses for the alternating Dolphin and Diving shows throughout the day. Because so many shows were scheduled in one day an area large enough to hold several thousand guests was needed as one group waited for the previous show to finish and the crowd to leave.

Trails were created in the wooded area using the logs cut from the pathways cleared around the park. The pathways created in the Woodland Gardens were intentionally left very rustic. The dirt was packed and generally leveled but they were far from smooth. While beautiful looking, they were not particularly practical for those guests with strollers or wheelchairs.
The pathways were covered with mulch to help delineate the walking area. The scrub bushes in the area were cleared out, leaving just the mature trees and a few of the small trees. The gardens were supplemented with additional shrubs like rhododendron and azaleas to add more greenery as well as color when they would bloom in the spring.
The slope of the Woodland Gardens towards the edge of the lake required adding terraces to the pathways to keep the soil from eroding and carrying away the mulch. The terraces were designed as a large, rustic set of steps heading down to the edge of the lake.
To supplement the shrubs and trees of the Woodland Gardens, seasonal varieties of annuals were also planted along the pathways. The trees, shrubs and flowers added up to a wonderfully shaded area of the park to wait for the shows of the Aqua Spectacle or to just take a leisurely walk along the lake and catch a cooling breeze on a hot summer day.