Bumper car rides are a staple of theme parks around the world, and in the 1970's scaled down versions of the ride were produced to be a part of the children's sections of parks. This gave many of the youngest guests their first chance to drive and have a great time smashing into other kids.

Introduced in 1979, the Crazy Cars were the second set of kid-sized bumper cars at Great Adventure. This second set of cars featured a sturdier building more suited to permanent installation in a theme park that can get ice and snow storms in the off season.

The Crazy Cars were installed in the park's children section, Kiddie Kingdom, on the same site as the original Great Race ride. When Kiddie Kingdom became Shirt Tales Land, the ride was renamed Bogey's Bumper Cars.
Technical Specifications
Ride Manufacturer: Bertazzon
Unit Construction: Fiberglass
Number of Cars: 6 +/-
Unit Capacity: 2
Cycle Capacity: 12
Riding Time: 90 seconds
Loading Time: 2 minutes
Unloading Time: 1 minute
Cycle Time: 4 min 30 seconds
Cycles per Hour: 13.3
Hourly Capacity: Approx. 200
Restraining Device: Shoulder Strap

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Kiddie Bumper Cars II
Names Through the Years

1979-1983  Crazy Cars
1984  Bogey's Bumper Cars
1985-1987  Speedy Gonzales Bumper Cars
1988-1994  Elmer Fudd Traffic Jam
1995-2004  Looney Tunes Log Jam
The Little Wooden Roof
One of the unique and odd things about the kids bumper cars was a small shade structure at one corner of the ride. The structure was an octagon with a 90 degree cutout on one side designed to fit the corner of the bumper car building. The thing that was odd about the roof was it was obviously designed to fit around the building, but the building was a couple of feet away from the structure. The underside of the roof was fitted with a string of white lights which complemented  the center structure found in the original Kiddie Kingdom. The roof later served as a mount for the ride's sign as the Looney Tunes Log Jam.

Shirt Tales Land would become Looney Tunes Land after only one season, and the ride was renamed Speedy Gonzales Bumper Cars for three seasons until Looney Tunes Land became Bugs Bunny Land in 1988 and it was renamed Elmer Fudd Traffic Jam, taking on a name reflecting the adult bumper cars.

The kiddie bumpers had the longest set of queue bars of any children's ride ever found at Great Adventure.  Rarely ever filled, the bars rivaled the size of many of the adult flat rides at the park.

In 1995 the ride was renamed Looney Tunes Log Jam as part of a recent update of the Bugs Bunny Land section. With the addition of the giant tree stump entrance to the area in 1994, the bumper car building was updated with new log styled fiberglass panels around the roof, replacing the original colorful fairground style top. Cutouts of the Looney Tunes characters were added as well, creating a more custom look for the ride.

The kiddie bumper cars continued to delight children through the end of the 2004 season when Bugs Bunny Land was razed to make way for the new Golden Kingdom section in 2005.