It is common for theme parks and amusement parks to include gift shops for their marquee attractions. Even more so, it's not unlikely that these gift shops will be connected to the ride itself, forcing exiting riders to stroll past merchandise related to the ride they just experienced.


Announced in 2016, Justice League: Battle For Metropolis was to be Great Adventure's next big attraction for 2017 and an anchor for the new Metropolis subsection of Movie Town. This new interactive 4-D dark ride was poised to be one of Great Adventure's star attractions as the ride had already been proven popular at other Six Flags parks. And with DC Superheroes being such a staple property for the Six Flags chain, a new gift shop for Superhero merchandise was evitable to complement the new ride.


Great Adventure had previously sold Justice League-branded merchandise in the Hall of Justice gift shop located next to the Dark Knight Coaster. Given the shop's location between the park's two Batman-themed rides and the upcoming arrival of Justice League: Battle for Metropolis (literally shaped like the comic book Hall of Justice), the existing gift shop was rethemed to Gotham City Gifts in 2016. After this retheming, the primary focus of this shop was merchandise themed to Batman and the other heroes and villains of his hometown Gotham City.


The new store, built into the ride structure for Justice League, was to be called DC Super Hero Store. This new location gave the park a new home for all DC heroes' merchandise, including Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, the Flash and others. In addition to ride-specific merchandise, guests could find DC Comics t-shirts, capes, pillows and other trinkets like coffee mugs and action figures. One of the main benefits of the shop was that riders of Justice League were guaranteed to pass through and see the merchandise as they exited, increasing the potential for sales. Another benefit was that even if the ride itself closes, the shop could remain open as it had its own specific entryway.


While Superhero merchandise is common in many shops at Great Adventure, the DC Super Hero Store is without a doubt the main place for comic book souvenirs. With its elaborate murals for DC heroes and villains, DC Super Hero Store is a well themed shop where comic book fans can get merchandise themed to their favorite resident-heroes and villains of Great Adventure.

Original Spotlight:  February 18, 2021.  GAH Reference#:  SHOP-2017-001