Zamperla rides manufactures several rides which are miniature versions of their adult rides, one of which is the miniature version of their Galleon swinging ship ride.   Daffy's Duccaneer was a Zamperla Mini Tug, designed to look like the adult swinging ship rides found in parks around the world.


For 1999's War On Lines, rides were added throughout the park, including in the Bugs Bunny Land section, where two new rides were added, replacing some of the older and less popular attractions.

Daffy's Duccaneer was added in an area that had been occupied by the Bugs Bunny Rail Road, with the train's course being reduced in length.   

 The Duccaneer was nautically themed to match the park's Buccaneer ride, and featured fences made of rope and fishnet for its queue.

Technical Information
  Manufacturer: Zamperla Rides - Boonton, NJ
  Ride Model: Mini Tug
  Opening Date: April 1999
  Number of Gondolas: 1
  Gondola Capacity: 12 children
  Number of Guests per Cycle: 12 children
  Approximate Capacity: 300 guests per hour
  Minimum Passenger Height: 36 inches
  Safety Restraint: Lapbars and Seatbelts
  Ride Dimensions:
    Length 19 feet
    Width 7 feet 6 inches
    Height 15 feet
  Ride Weight: 3968 pounds
The simple ride had limited appeal and was open on a very limited basis in its time at the park.   The ride's seats could only accommodate a narrow range of children, and required the operator carefully balance the weight between the two sides.

The Duccaneer was removed at the end of the 2004 season as the park prepared to begin construction of The Golden Kingdom.   The Duccaneer was moved into the park's boneyard where it remains today.