As long as there have been mascots for theme parks, there have been areas to meet those characters in the parks. Quite often those areas have featured special photo areas depicting where those characters "live".

The 1999 "War on Lines" saw the introduction of the new Looney Tunes Seaport children's area and with it a series of character "houses" as part of its themed elements.

Daffy Duck's Lighthouse helped further the seaport theme and featured not only Daffy Duck but also Tweety with his cage perched atop the structure as the light beacon.  Initially, Sylvester was found in a boat that was suspended from some block and tackle mounted on a neighboring pole.  The fiberglass Sylvester figure captured him anxiously rubbing his paws together just feet away from his vulnerable target Tweety.   Sylvester and his row boat only lasted a couple of seasons before he was removed leaving behind the empty support pole.
The lighthouse was unlike the other character houses in Looney Tunes Seaport.  Although it featured a walkway leading to a front door, there was no way to enter it and it had no interior or interactive elements.  This static structure was meant to be purely decorative from a guest perspective although it did afford a storage area for park employees.