Music has always been a part of a day in an amusement park, quite often provided by small bands or singing groups. Theme parks incorporated the idea of bandstands providing entertainment throughout the day.

Live music was always one of the key elements of Great Adventure and when the park expanded with the addition of Fun Fair in 1975, a second bandstand was added to the park. The new bandstand would provide a variety of entertainment throughout the day to those eating at the nearby patio, much like the original bandstand near the Fountain.

Live bands and singers appeared on the bandstand stage throughout the seasons. The sound of live music was a big part of the area's atmosphere. Over the years the rides and attractions around the bandstand were always changing with the addition of Lightnin' Loops being the biggest modification to the area, completely changing the landscape when it was built in 1978.

At the end of the 1992 season big plans were in place to totally revamp the Fun Fair area of the park with the introduction of Batman: The Ride and the creation of Movie Town in 1993 . The Enchanted Bandstand was transformed into a preview center for the new ride by being fitted with a big screen TV showing the coming attraction for the next season.  The spot once occupied by the Enchanted Bandstand is now the site of the Batmobile.