Gifts and souvenirs from a visit to a park have always been a big part of the fun, with parks offering an array of souvenirs from cheap trinkets to more expensive collectibles. Often the same shop sells a wide variety of these kinds of gifts together to try and appeal to the widest variety of guests.

When Great Adventure's main entrance was relocated to the Fountain area in 1976, new gift shops were constructed as part of the current entry plaza. The original Four Tents shops along with almost all of the other stores in the park were all located on one side of the park, leaving no real shopping opportunities on the opposite end of the park with the Big Wheel.  This area was becoming the focus of new development with additions like Lightnin' Loops and Roaring Rapids. To help balance the availability of merchandise in the park, Enchanted Forest Gifts was constructed in 1979. 


1979-1984 Enchanted Forest Gifts

1985-1993 Tweety Twadin' Post

1994-1998 Fantasy Gifts & Apparel

1999-2004 Totally Tweety

2005-2006 Totally Toddler

2007 Tweety and Friends

2008 Six Flags Friends

2009-2010 Big Wheel Deals

(Standing but not open)
Over the ensuing seasons Enchanted Forest Gifts often changed names as well as the selection of merchandise available. Stock ran the gamut from high end gifts, to teen oriented items, to kids clothing and toys.  Eventually, the shop would become a clearance store for discontinued styles of merchandise.

When the Looney Tunes characters were incorporated into the parks in the mid-80s, the store became one of the prime locations for Looney Tunes items taking on the name Tweety Twadin' Post in 1985.
  During the era of Time Warner's ownership of Six Flags Theme Parks, great efforts were taken to bring thematic elements into the parks, as well as cross promoting the Time Warner family of companies and brands.  In the mid '90s Enchanted Forest Gifts was once to be rebranded as Six Flags Gifts, but instead the number of stores at the park's entrance was expanded.  As a result, the Enchanted Forest Gifts shop was converted into an upscale locale known as Fantasy Forest Gifts and Apparel.   
The exterior and interior of the store were remodeled to reflect the style of the neighboring Gingerbread Fancy Restaurant which was also being rethemed as Granny Fried Chicken. The colors and the window details were direct reflections of the style of the existing building.

A 1999 makeover of the store resulted in another complete remodel of the interior bringing with it Sylvester and Tweety themed elements and fixtures as the shop became Totally Tweety.  Six years later the shop would once again be renamed and rebranded, this time to Totally Todder.
In 2007, Tweety returned and took up residence in the store as it became Tweety & Friends broadening the selection of merchandise sold.

Next in 2008 the store took on the name Six Flags Friends as new
Six Flags management looked to rebrand the company trying to revitalize the park and turn around the companies fortunes. Six Flags Friends was the name of the charitable foundation created by the company.
One year later in 2009, the store changed its name again as it was repainted and became Big Wheel Deals which was a clearance outlet for old and discontinued merchandise. Things that had been sold in the Super Teepee shop and other shops around the park were brought here to sell at discounted prices. Merchandise for removed rides often ended up here being sold after the ride was relegated to history. 

After the 2010 season, Big Wheel Deals was closed and the shop has remained closed since, serving as a storage facility and a place to mount billboards in the newly revamped Adventure Alley section of the park.  Hopefully someday this quaint little store located on one of the park's most traveled walkways will reopen and offer guests an opportunity to once again take in some shopping near the base of the Big Wheel.