When Walt Disney designed Disneyland, one of the first impressions arriving guests got was a series of attraction posters which lined the tunnels under the tracks of the Disneyland Rail Road. The posters promoted the exciting new attractions in the park and gave a glimpse of all of the wonders that lie within the park.

As Six Flags parks under the ownership of Time Warner strived to improve the themed areas and create a unique atmosphere, a series of attraction posters were created for the Outer Mall area of Great Adventure. Like the Disneyland style posters, they took artistic license with the parks attractions and created a fanatic vision of what the park looked like as well as helping create the unique areas of the park. The nine themed areas of the park were represented along with the Safari.
The poster for Main Street featured the facades of the shops and the iconic statue and fountain. These buildings had just been built or remodeled as part of the retheme efforts. The poster used realistic depictions of the buildings along with stars, stripes, flags and an eagle to create a colonial era look.
Fantasy Forest was one of the most unique of the posters, depicting the fantastic architecture of the original Enchanted Forest structures in a stylized painting. The colors and style of the poster closely resembled the artists renderings create by Herb Ryman for Disney attractions.
The Boardwalk poster was a great depiction of all the Boardwalk's attractions and despite the thematic break with The Right Stuff concept actually looked cohesive with the Parachutes and Great American Scream Machine as part of the Boardwalk area of the park.
Bugs Bunny Land's poster featured an array of views of the attractions in the section including the brand new giant tree stump entrance to the area.
Frontier Adventures was the most photo realistic depiction of all the posters. The images depicted (at least half of) the structures of Frontier Adventures though it did not have anything from the Hernando's Hideaway side of the section or the former Dream Street section. 
Of all the sections of the park, the Lakefront was probably lightest in attractions and iconic structures. The poster focused on the shows found all along the Lakefront area (known to the park employees as "Show Row"). The poster featured a porthole, anchors and oars to help create the nautical look.
One of the most cohesively themed areas of the park was the Adventure Rivers section. The area looked much like the artists' renderings created for the project, so the poster used many of the same images to create an exciting world of water attractions.
Movietown was the most exciting of the re-theme efforts in the park and the poster created for it was equally exciting. The renderings featured all the new attractions like Batman: The Ride and the Stunt Arena as well as the theme elements like the portals and space themed displays and signs.
Though the smallest of the themed sections, Old Country was one of the best themed areas in the park.  The new Autobahn bumper car building along with the long favorite Musik Express and Enterprise rides were all very well themed with the half timber walls and colorful Oktoberfest motifs. 
To showcase the exciting Safari that has always been part of the Six Flags Great Adventure complex, an attraction poster was created featuring an array of animals with the brand new white tiger temple display as a centerpiece.  While the Safari is an important part of the park overall, it's curious that it was included in the attraction posters, yet the Hernando's Hideaway area was not, and you have to wonder if this had been intended to showcase that area (which was included as part of Frontier Adventures).