Everyone needs a cold drink on a hot day in a theme park, and parks try to offer multiple outlets of varying sizes to help quench that thirst and sell those drinks.

In the 21st century, corporate sponsorships and branding have become a major part of many theme parks including Six Flags. Coca Cola is especially aggressive in promoting its products throughout parks from coast to coast. With this product promotion, many different types of branded outlets have appeared in various forms throughout Great Adventure whether through menu boards, or fully branded drink stands. Innovations in prefabricated portable concession stands have made them bigger and more elaborate over time, and made them look less like a carnival trailer dropped into a theme park.  
The Coca-Cola Fill-the-Thrill stand made its way into the area at the top of the Boardwalk in 2013, promoting their line of drinks along with Slurpee brand frozen drinks. The area of the park near two of the park's major coasters was a big draw, and the lack of shade made guests seek out a cold drink to beat the heat.

 The stand offered self service beverages which were often preferred by guests so they could regulate the ice to beverage ratio and feel more in control. The nearly two-story stand was bright and quite eye catching, and proved to be popular on hot days. Around 2018, the Slurpee brand was replaced with ICEE offerings.

After ten seasons, the stand was removed in the 2022-2023 off season.  Rather than being relocated to another section of the park or Hurricane Harbor, it appeared that the Boardwalk's Coca-Cola Fill-the-Thrill stand was history.
Original Spotlight:  August 11, 2023.  GAH Reference#:  FOOD-2013-001