Games of skill designed to test the abilities of guests have long been popular attractions in theme parks, giving visitors a chance to win prizes for demonstrating their abilities.

Just outside of the Goodtime Alley games area, a freestanding game of skill called Fireball Express was added for the 1980 season. This game allowed guests to test the speed of their pitches by throwing baseballs towards a police style radar gun which clocked the speed. A digital readout of the speed was visible to the passing guests, encouraging them to try and beat the speed of their friends or other guests. The cashiers had a chalkboard that could be updated throughout the day with the fastest speed recorded.  With three throws for 50 cents, it was quite popular and regardless of their success, each guest received a suitable-for-framing certificate proclaiming their athletic achievement. 
Fireball Express Names

1980-1984  Fireball Express

1985-2000  Clown Around
Balloon Race

For the 1985 season the Fireball Express was replaced with the Clown Around Balloon Race. Clown Around was very popular with guests spraying water into the mouths of a clown which filled a balloon on top. The first balloon to pop was the winner of the race. The loud popping of the balloons drew a lot of attention which assisted in advertising the game. 

The Clown Around was moved after the 2000 season to a game stall near the Twister ride.  The building was demolished as part of the expansion of the Boardwalk games area for the 2001 season.