Elaborate landscaping has long been a tradition in amusement parks and theme parks, contributing to a beautiful atmosphere for a memorable day of fun.

For the 1990 season, Great Adventure's wonderful landscaping department which kept the park full of colorful flowers, plants, and landscaping introduced a new feature with a new Floral Calendar. Each day the date was updated with the current date, creating a unique photo opportunity to commemorate the day of your visit to the park. The Floral Calendar was located on the sloped bank of Lahaway Creek in front of the Fort, visible to the riders of the Skyride as they passed to and from the station, as well as to guests exploring the western section. The Floral Calendar replaced a "We Care About You" boxwood topiary that had been created when Six Flags used the phrase under Bally ownership.
Accessed from behind the vacant Tilt-a-Whirl ride site (and later home to El Sombrero), at first the Floral Calendar utilized flats of real plants.  However, over time blocks of artificial flowers were used making the daily updates much simpler.

The Floral Calendar was popular but required daily updates, so it was labor intensive. The Floral Calendar was retired at the end of the 1993 season and the area returned to a more "natural" look over the following seasons. In 2006, the area where it had been located was completely changed with the construction of El Toro along the edge of the creek.
Original Spotlight:  July 27, 2023.  GAH Reference#:  FEAT-1990-001