Airplane style rides where children control their elevation are a long time amusement staple. One of the more unique variations on the ride features small helicopters with stylized forms and propellers on top which spin as the ride turns.



One of the original assortment of rides in Great Adventure's Ride-a-Rama children's area was the Flying Copters. This fun little ride featured eight colorful helicopters at the ends of arms which could be raised and lowered by the riders as the ride was in motion.

The control for the altitude was a lap bar that would raise the arm when pulled toward the riders and lower when pushed forward. The small fiberglass ride vehicles circled a central tower which covered the ride's mechanical systems and was topped with a windsock.

Though the ride was fun, it offered a limited capacity and when the Ride-a-Rama area was removed to make way for the new park entrance plaza for the 1976 season, the Flying Copters were not among the rides relocated to the new Kiddie Kingdom children's area.  A similar ride called the Red Baron which featured airplanes instead of helicopters would be added. The fate of the Flying Copters is unknown at this time.

Technical Information
  Ride Rotation: Counterclockwise
  Ride Diameter:  26 Feet
  Number of Units: 8 Cars
  Unit Capacity: 2 children
  Cycle Capacity: 16
  Riding Time: 90 seconds
  Loading Time: 2 minutes
  Unloading Time: 1 minute
  Cycle Time: 4 minutes 30 seconds
  Cycles Per Hour: 13.3
  Hourly Capacity: 412
  Weather Forcing Shutdown: Lightning
  Restraining Devices: Safety Bar
  Manufacturer: Allan Herschell
Ride Restrictions: 48" maximum
The Flying Copters ride
was included in a 1974
Ride-a-Rama postcard.