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  2. That was a fun promotion. I didn't get to participate. I couldn't keep a snowball in the freezer. Someone, lets call her mom, wouldn't let me.
  3. Do you think Safari Off Road Adventure will return in 2022 or will the drive thru return be permanent?
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  5. scott

    St Louis

    I made it to the park and I did get pictures of Excalibur. I went back after reading your message to try for better shots but it was closed. I didn't go to the Arch but I can see it from my hotel. It is right a crossed the river from where I ma staying. I did get gipped on the view. My room daces the opposite direction from the arch. my room faces the blank wall of the casino I am working at. Had I been a crossed the hall i would have been able to look out my window and see it. I fly home today and right back out on a flight to Peoria on Monday. No Six Flags there. I will try to sort through the pictures I took and do some kind of a trip report soon.
  6. Once I go to the parks for more than a short visit, I'll post some reports or maybe post 1 report for a few small trips. 2 weeks ago I went to Busch Gardens for 2 1/2 hours and again today for 2 hours riding Cheetah Hunt, Cobra's Curse, Montu, Log Flume and Sheikra but only took 1 picture.
  7. Yeah, I saw some kind of acrobatic show there in '19. Nice to be inside getting a weather break. And also a trail along the Wild Safari route would be cool (or a hayride to the Switlik House).
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  9. There will not be one common announcement day for Six Flags this year. Some parks may not have announcements.
  10. I believe they used to say the date that they were announcing their new additions for the next year. Does this mean that there are no new additions next year, does it mean that Six Flags isn’t announcing all of their additions on the same day anymore, or am I just reading too much into it ?
  11. If it’s successful I wonder if they would consider a year round haunted attraction. Didn’t La Ronde have one all year a few years ago?
  12. Get a new governor. One that does NOT think it's his job to dictate to the businesses or citizens of the State what is a safe or unsafe environment in which to work. People are very capable of deciding for themselves where to work and when it's better to work than not work, and "safer" to work than not work. As long as you've relaxed requirements to collect unemployment and made it more advantageous to collect unemployment than to work (thereby making it safer to not work than to work for many people), you will have a very difficult time finding people to work.
  13. This is similar to the Turbo Force up-charge ride we had in 2001/2002.
  14. That is based on the female robot from Metropolis.
  15. They could stand to install red and green indicator lights on the slides to help improve dispatch times. Hershey's Boardwalk slides use indicator lights. Also install sun shades on top of the towers to reduce lifeguard fatigue.
  16. Going to miss your TRs as well, Yoshi! Hope you keep up the habit from Florida.
  17. Another wave pool or lazy river might help absorb the crowds a bit. Long term, Six Flags should probably build another waterpark in PA (Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Philadelphia).
  18. From what I was told by people who work there, even with higher lifeguard wages no one wants to work, leading to the capacity problems they have. Not to mention with a lot of underage lifeguards working, they can't work 40 hour weeks due to child labor laws, so even when they hire lifeguards, they may not be able to work as much as they need to. As of right now, the current workforce situation is just really tough and I honestly don't know how they could improve it in the moment, but in the future yes, hurricane harbor is very popular, too popular, and it seriously needs to expand more (somehow).
  19. The C3PO imitation looks closer to the Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the character:
  20. Apparently Six Flags Over Georgia had the same “Darth Vader” for photos…
  21. I would start with management, most company problems are caused by poor management. Poorly ran companies often have a difficult time attracting and keeping employees due to having bad reputations.
  22. I think it's essential that HH gets more attractions. I haven't been there in years because, quite frankly, I am more stressed when I leave the park than when I arrive. It needs a few MAJOR attractions for crowds to feel more comfortable. A higher capacity water coaster should be high on the park's priority list right now. The crowds come regardless and I think that's why they haven't added something major in a while but with no daily tickets anymore, that alone will make the general public angry. It's time for new rides there- and I would say that 2022 should be the year- they are likely re-adding the kids rides they removed with maybe a few extra ones so that shouldn't cost that much- use the extra money to make HH a valuable experience for the park AND the paying guests.
  23. A new pin featuring Congo Rapids will be available for members at the park this Sunday. Nice to see that the pin is accurate with twelve seats. The waterfall is hopefully a sign of something to come.
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