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  4. This was always my favorite place to eat in the park. The Thorn Apple Valley hot dogs were really good, and we ended up buying that brand in the supermarket because we liked them so much at the park. (sponsorships work)
  5. People smoking outside the smoking areas in GADV. Last Thrusday night there was a woman smoking on the narrow exit steps for Kingda Ka. Everyond had to walk right past her and the cloud of smoke. I told security and they didn't do anything.
  6. Not sure how many people recall this but for 2012 the park announced they were going to add drop boxes to the Falls tower. Before the season started their plans changed and they added King Cobra instead.
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  9. It would be such an easy installation too. Just take the triple body slide tower and replace the slides with drop capsule slides. No need to build a new tower and it would essentially improve an already existing attraction.
  10. On March 13, 1993, the Traffic Jam bumper cars ride was destroyed by a late season snow storm. The heavy snow piled up on the roof of the ride which was being prepped for the upcoming '93 season but wound up being removed before the park opener. Great Adventure's other bumper car ride, Fender Benders (aka Skooters) was removed at the end of the 1987 season to reduce capacity at the park during a slump in attendance following several previous incidents that season.
  11. I just ran across this - a COLOR artist rendering of Adventure Rivers from the 1991 press kit!
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  13. I wonder if the lion sign were brought into the park for this section if it would still exist today?
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  18. I just saw really great things about Howl-O-Scream this year too.
  19. I’m looking forward to going to Adventure Island in the winter. I hope it is successful for them. I agree about the prices and portion sizes for the festivals. The nachos I had a few weeks ago were enough for a meal. I have been to the Flower and Garden festival at EPCOT twice in the last 5 years and last time didn’t get anything because of how overpriced it was for the portion.
  20. One of the big attractions that almost every park in the 1980's seems to have installed was the Cinema 180. They were simple and cost effective shows where the tent like structure supported a 180 degree screen which was created with suction behind the screen and a 70 millimeter film full of action sequences that you felt like you were in the middle of. Great Adventure had one (I used to run the projector while reading books for my college classes), and the other day I ran across a YouTube video compilation of some of the scenes from the films. Included is footage of the original Colossus at Magic Mountain and Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
  21. I just saw the announcement that Adventure Island is officially going to year round operations now with heated water for the colder months! https://attractionsmagazine.com/adventure-island-water-park-now-operating-year-round-new-hang-ten-tiki-bar-now-open/ Those $10 certificates are awesome, especially when combined with the 50% Platinum Pass discount. I got a bunch of the BGT Railway 50th shirts for a really great price between the discount and the certificate last month. My favorite thing with the Florida SeaWorld parks is the festivals-- the lanyards get yo a lot of food and drinks for really great prices (around $4 @ with the passholder discount). The Beer Fest, Food & Wine Fest, etc. are always filled with great food (better than EPCOT and larger portions).
  22. I went to Busch Gardens Tampa yesterday for a short visit since I was only 15 minutes away from the park. It was almost 100 degrees out and I decided to stick with the less intense rides. Cheetah Hunt was a walk on. I sometimes forget how close the first and second launches are to each other. I hope the area where the water is supposed to be gets filled in. After Cobra's Curse, I went to Sand Serpent. There are no brakes during the hairpin turns part of the ride and the next car isn't dispatched until the car gets to the drops. With only 4 cars running, this could be a slow moving line on a crowded day. The log flume gets you soaked in the front (single riders have to sit in the front section). The last ride of the day was Sheikra. It is a lot of fun to sit in the front row and stops over the vertical drop. On the way out I went to the main store to get a shirt because passholders got $10 in Busch Bucks and combined with my 50% Platinum Pass discount, I got a $27 shirt for $4.50 with tax (I'm still not used to almost everything except most food and some health items having sales tax here). The perks with the annual passes have been really great so far. Besides the 6 bring a friend free tickets that are included with the Platinum Pass, there was an additional bring a friend free at the end of last month, bring a friend free to Sea World and another for Adventure Island this month and another $10 in Busch Bucks in July. There have also been some smaller free items to like a cup at Sea World and a free food item at Bier Fest at Busch Gardens. It's fun having a park so close that I can just stop in for 2 hours or less although once it gets cooler out, I want to go for a longer visit. The signs have been updated to have the 2022 opening date.
  23. I really like that picture of Nitro and the one with Skull Mountain's waterfall.
  24. ^ I always was disappointed that water park season was only around Memorial Day to Labor Day. Even if it was just a few slides open, I would have gone to water parks in early to mid May and through September (even October if it was above 70 degrees out). I was looking up the hours for Adventure Island and apparently they recently decided to be open all year now although mostly weekends only from November - March except for school holidays. It will be nice to have another option other than Orlando water parks for the winter. https://adventureisland.com/park-info/water-park-hours/
  25. I was hoping they would be open on weekends past Labor Day like last year but with the mega crowds causing issues.
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