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  2. I think the Dino section will be after the Tigers. I would imagine guests with Dino tickets make a left and enter the backstage area where the trucks used to travel back to the theme park SORA loading dock, circle around and head back on the SORA path used to enter the Safari. Quests would then continue into the old South American section followed by the baboon village.
  3. Gadv leaked their Xpedition Dino event! I made a video covering everything about the event from ticket prices to dates:
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  5. I think this could happen. The sign on the Safari Kids portal next to Nitro’s entrance is gone, so I think this definitely has a chance of happen. A Timbertown retheme would be perfect for this area.
  6. If Safari Kids got a retheme to Timbertown, and put RRR (Little Devil) over by Safari Tours, that would be awesome, and fit in next to JDC and the Pine Barrens area!
  7. Last week
  8. I guess they've decided it's no longer an issue? Interesting to see Screamscape saying Road Runner Railway will re-open with Jersey Devil and a new name/theme. I'd assume it will be the "Little Devil" if that is happening?
  9. More of a subtraction but Avalanche at Kings Dominion will be closed for the 2021 season. https://www.kingsdominion.com/play/rides/avalanche
  10. I thought it was because the state of NJ wouldn't allow it because they were worried about a Zumanjaro rider getting hit with something from a rider on Kingda Ka.
  11. THAT'S surprising. I always thought that they simply couldn't run at the same time because of all the sheer mass exerted on the structure from both rides. What was the actual reason they couldn't do this until now?
  12. Great video I prefer the Orlando location the Kissimmee location. I like White Lightning a lot more than Mine Blower and like Freedom Flyer more than the spinning wild mouse (I visited the Kissimmee location a few months before Hurricane opened). One thing I like about the Kissimmee location is that they have Flying Scooters.
  13. Some dude on Reddit said he heard rumblings that King Da Ka might be getting lap bars. Just rumblings of course, but take that for what you will.
  14. Not sure if they should really be doing that TBH. Recently I have seen some weird things at the park. First they expanded the no car keys rule onto more coasters such as Nitro and Batman which is a major PITA. Saw regular people from the lake strolling and walking their dogs under Nitro's hammer head curve, clear sign that security needs improving. Flashpass users now get first dibs for the front row, it used to be front rows were precluded from Flashpass riders unless they waited in normal standby. At the front of the parking lot there was a NY cop car parked with the
  15. Being up that high on Zumanjaro and feeling the tower shake from Kingda Ka’s launch is gonna be absolutely terrifying and I can’t wait to experience it.
  16. Still not as bad as Disney announcing Tron for the Magic Kingdom back in 2017 and Universal opening both Hagrid‘s AND Velocicoaster first.
  17. If that isn't the biggest middle finger to Great Adventure I don't know what is
  18. Started AFTER construction resumed on JD and already test running:
  19. Kingda Ka and Zumanjaro are now able to run together with people on both rides!
  20. Or Original Waterpark Proposal
  21. RMC is offering Family Hybrid Coasters now. https://www.rockymtnconstruction.com/family-hybrid-coasters/
  22. Cough cough Zumanjaro cough cough
  23. Earlier
  24. Shame it will only be 68 degrees both days this weekend. HH will likely close early due to low crowds.
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