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  2. https://seekingalpha.com/news/3788654-six-flags-looks-attractive-to-oppenheimer-due-to-premiumization-push
  3. I always liked the gold season pass with the season dining pass. That way it was paid for the season. I thought maybe the dining pass was balanced out with those who used it 30+ times a season and others who bought it and used it one or two days a season but I guess they were losing a lot of money with the frequent users.
  4. Likely a red-herring, similar to the movie Scream. Otherwise might as well just unveil the update with that teaser (i.e. say who the killer is in the first scene). Not saying you're wrong, but where would be the fun in something as obvious as that?
  5. Truthfully speaking, I never bought into the membership and I know others the same as myself. We'd prefer to get Wawa or maybe even McDonald's outside the park on the drive out, rather than diverge much more money to a confusing membership with tiers and different perks that didn't really matter to me in the grand scheme of admission to park and parking (which is included in traditional season pass). If I really wanted to eat inside the park, I'm not worried to spend the money on it. I say this since it wasn't even an effort to save money, I just don't feel that I participate in merchandise or in-house food enough to pay so much extra/monthly for a service. I am excited to see what the shake-up brings!
  6. I wouldn’t have most of the merchandise I have w/o the 50% off either. Just another reason to hold on to the membership. Not to mention how helpful it is to use that discount for food when I bring friends who don’t have dining plans.
  7. It also looks like the maximum merchandise discount goes from 50% to 30% and food from 50% to 20%. The 50% off was the only reason I kept the DE-VIP. I don't think this is going to be pretty.
  8. Well then for at least the next year, I’m not canceling my DE-VIP membership. The loss of unlimited dining is the biggest killer. I can’t imagine having only 10 total meals for the amount of times I’ve visited over the last few years.
  9. It looks like they are being called legacy memberships now. I imagine Six Flags will increase the prices on legacy memberships after 12 months to get all of those people to switch to the new passes. Here is the new pricing and pass options for Magic Mountain: https://www.sixflags.com/magicmountain/store/tickets
  10. Thank you, Harry. It has always been the incredibly small, detailed minutia that I have always enjoyed the most. While I never had the opportunity to go under the stadium as you did, as part of the Employee Fun Olympics during the summer of 1985, I got myself into the competition as a jouster against another department's opposing jouster. I didn't last more than :15 seconds on the floating platform, largely because I had not even thought about the weight of the jousts themselves. But, as a loser in the competition, I did manage to swim in the main pool and, at the time, found that to be incredibly thrilling!
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  12. One of the things that I love most is that the park continues to offer its guests extras that it really doesn't have to do - like Xpedition Dino, Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience, and free pins to name just a few.
  13. I am not an expert on the salinization process but I was fortunate enough to have guided tour under the seats just before the stadium was demolished. The two large blocked-in portions were used for water storage and the six bins in the middle contained a sand mixture that was used in the conversion process from fresh to salt water. All three areas were linked by huge pipelines and monitoring equipment. The structures inside the pool were just temporary platforms used while they finished off the pool's walls including electrical lighting.
  14. This was an awesome season overall! JDC was just as good, if not better, than expected. We got 2 great new shops on Main Street, the return of FF and so many other improvements to the park! Can't wait to see what the 2022 season has for us!
  15. Love this photo! Any idea what appear to be six rooms at the back of the Aqua Spectacle actually became when the stadium was finished? Also, in the main pool area, there looks like five structures protruding into the pool area from the outer walls. Were these some sort of temporary supports holding back the concrete walls and eventually removed when the pools were filled with water? Just seems a little odd that they only appear in the main pool. Do you have any idea where the salt water systems and filtration for all of it were located when the finished seating areas eventually covered all of the areas below?
  16. Screamscape suspects that Six Flags may be retiring its membership program.
  17. It’s always good to see more family attractions added to Atlantic City. After Tivoli Pier closed in the mid 90s, there has never been that much to do especially during the colder months if you are under 21 or don’t want to gamble.
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  19. On March 1, 1979, Rolling Thunder is announced as part of a major $10 million park expansion. Read the press release HERE.
  20. On March 23, 1988, Six Flags Great Adventure announces the new Condor ride. Read the press release HERE.
  21. On February 5, 1996, Six Flags Great Adventure announces plans for Skull Mountain. Read the press release HERE.
  22. So between this, and the departure of the SFOT president, I could see a couple of people moving around in the company. Honestly I'm kind of surprised Jeff Seibert hasn't been promoted to a larger park since he's been doing such a great job with SFFT. I wouldn't be surprised to see him moved to either SFOT or SFGAm.
  23. The rumor is the new Minions attraction will be based on the new movie and feature "Villain Con" (which in the movie was set in Orlando). The current rumor is it will be an interactive (possibly shooter type) attraction featuring moving sidewalks taking you through the show floor of Villain Con. It actually sounds like it could be fun, and since Universal owns the Minions concept and it sells tons of merchandise, it's a good fit.
  24. I don’t care much for the Minions either but was never really impressed by the Shrek attraction. I would have liked for them to have kept the classic Alfred Hitchcock show and exhibit.
  25. Screamscape reports that Shrek 4D is being replaced with an Minion attraction. Personally I am disappointed by the news as I am not a huge fan of Despicable Me and now there will be a pair of attractions based on that IP.
  26. Great photos! I'm always amazed at how vibrant the ride colors look when there's snow on the ground.
  27. This was such a shame, I was planning to go on this last day and missed out on the Drive-Thru as a result. It looked like a really well designed route too. That said, I was fortunate enough to find some time to visit HITP on its final regular operating day, and I thought they did an incredible job this year. Especially loved the new Doc Swan show in Deck The Halls - lots of fun for kids and adults alike! I hope he makes a return next season.
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