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    • I agree.  Great Adventure was pretty nice when It came to not only the real estate acquisitions they made to somewhat satisfy the judgements against the Switliks, but even the personal property mentioned here.  When you consider the entirety of the legal battle between the two parties (Hardwick and Switlik), I tend to agree with the final outcome ultimately reached by the Supreme Court.
      The crazy part, in my opinion, is that all of the problems between the two seem to have been created, not by Stanley Switlik, but by his son Richard.  I get the impression that he had stuck his nose into his father's business (meaning the land sale to Hardwick) when his father was comfortable with what had been agreed upon with Hardwick, because Richard wanted the land himself.
    • 1982 was my second season working at the park and I worked right next door to Pinball Parlor at Big Wheel Burger.  I never really got into the whole PacMan craze or even video games other than at home (Atari, etc.).  But, several of my friends from high school also worked at the park with me in food service and were into PacMan.  But, I distinctly remember going with them to what was the Dream Street Arcade (Blue Tent) to play PacMan and other video games (Asteroids comes to mind).  I don't recall ever stepping foot in Pinball Parlor until the 1985 season when I briefly worked graveyard in cash control and had to go in there when the park closed to collect money from the bill/token change machines.
    • It is sad that the Switliks lost all their personal belongings like that but they sort of forced Great Adventure’s hand as the article states.
      I do think GA was kind when the house went up for auction. No other bidders made an offer so the park could’ve gotten the house for a steal but they paid the Switliks market value instead even though they didn’t have to. 
    • I remember when these arcades were announced for 1982 the park proclaimed that they were going to contain the world’s largest assortment of Pac-Man machines. I don’t think that ever happened because the number that they did have was not impressive. 
    • GA was really a pioneer in recycling.  It must of been a proud moment when they were visited by Disney and the other parks for them to learn from Great Adventure.   
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