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2020 Six Flags' Holiday Wine Fest


2020 Six Flags' Holiday Wine Fest
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    • Great photos!  Thanks for sharing these!
    • I’ve been looking for this ad! I remember most of the lyrics and also the song from when I was a kid.  And Insee someone posted above with a similar though as me.  How cool would it be if Great Adventure remastered this theme song and re-used these logos for its 50th Anniversary in just a few years?  No one puts this much effort into jingles and commercials these days.  This would be amazing! 
    • I wonder if that's voice actor Rob Paulson
    • This is Incredible footage but the map is what's only negative in this footage because it's a disappointment that Trenton or Philadelphia is being ignored. It should've either say just Trenton on the map  or Philadelphia on the Map With New York because it's between New York. 
    • I don't recall her name, but this woman was responsible for all of the Churos in the park during the 1981 and 1982 seasons.  The Churos were cooked in one of the Hot Dog satellite sections of Wheeleburger that was located behind a wall separating the backstage part of the building from the area used to serve guests.  If you were facing the front of Wheelburger, this would be the satellite on the left side of the building.  Trains of garbage containers were also kept in this backstage area when the park was open.
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