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    • I remember the commercial well.  The way the announcer says Ultra-Twister ONLY at Great Adventure has been stuck in my head for 35 years.
      I definitely rode it a few times.  I miss Sarajevo Bobsleds more.
    • That’s true, only Rapids could wear shorts.  The Rapids crew thought they were like GA royalty.  You almost expected trumpets to blare when they entered the cafeteria.  
    • This is an opening season (1981) Roaring Rapids male uniform as well as female.  Both males and females also had the option to wear the same colored pants in shorts.  I could be wrong, but I believe this was the first time males had the option of wearing shorts in the park.
    • Jeez-- I always thought Jerry was older than 40 back then! Then again when you're young everyone seems older and you have no idea
    • These are supervisor uniforms.  Food service, Merchandise and Operations seasonal supervisors all wore the same uniforms.  At least for the 1980, 1981, and 1982 seasons.
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