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Photo Information for Security guard

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Officer Sheldon Lightfoot. This photo was taken prior to 6 Flags take over of Great Adventure. Notice the Patch on Lightfoot's uniform.. that dates it as 75-76

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Put youself in my shoes. That's the way he looked the last time I saw him in 1978... When I spoke with "Feet" on the phone a week or two ago at the 40th reunion--I couldn't attend-- He sounded the same to me...but 40 years can bring about some changes man... I probably could have walked into that reunion room and had trouble with more than half the names of folks I worked with day and night for over four years. Al

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I remember the summer he broke his ankle and was hobbling around in a cast. The same summer I think that he and I sat next to a guy asleep on a bench in Woodland Gardens who had his gun exposed and we escorted him to security.

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