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Al Great Adventure 1975a

First Winter 1974-75

Photo Information for Al Great Adventure 1975a

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Driving those long nosed green Chevy's, we called them the Alligator's, got stuck a lot in the mud and snow that first year. The Parking lots were inpaved.. could be real fun on a rainy night when the park closed. the 5 lots were seperated by hedges, and guests had no clue as to which lot they parked in. Hundreds of guests wandered into the woods looking for the lot where they had parked. Second Season saw the lots combined into one , Paved and traffic cones everywhere... lots of collisions at night in the lot.

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This particular car had been in the GA Shop for body work after a Parking Lot collision, I was sent up to the shop to pick it up when they finished fixing it. On my way back to the Security office, I was in the main line of the parking lanes leading to Admin and Gate 2, when out of one of the Parking rows an unlicensed cab came out with no attempt to stop or slow down and T-Boned the Security Car on the Passenger side---where the paint from the previous accident was still drying. I was shook up a bit but not really hurt. The Director was really Pissed... I had a lot of explaining to do... but it was entirely the idiot guests fault. I was in the middle lane of the 5 lane crossover and he made no effort to miss hitting me at all, no license, no Insurance.. I worked the office dispatch radio the rest of that night.

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