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Photo Information for A scan0080B copy

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After my time but I know some of these guys...


We can get an approximate date for the photo by puttining it durin DAVE PAULSON'S Term as the PRESIDENT OF 6FGA (On the Left as you look at it).

In the center is Bill Dudley a retired Army Vet who served in Security for several years then became the Warehouse Supervisor/Manager. Bill was originally from Panama and took a lot of kidding about his "Ricky Ricardo" accent.

On the Right is Bob Hurley who has been in a Director's job in the Park longer than anyone else that I know of. Mr Hurley watched over Security and Safety at times during his tenure with GA. He recently attended the 40th reunion session.


Funny how even in a short time I could use a first name with many of the Directors when we were in one-on-one conversations, but never with Bob Hurley. He was "Mr Hurley", and not because he insisted on it, It just came naturally. Must have been his Army Background carrying over, but he did receive respect from everyone I ever saw him deal with.

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