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  1. Today, we will be taking a look at Joker's Revenge at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. It has been 25 years since the park was acquired by Six Flags. I will be telling you about the history of the attraction right now. During construction of Fiesta Texas, a Vekoma Hurricane coaster was being developed. It would be a unique ride that would be the first of its kind in the United States and go backwards. The coaster was going to be named Wacky Twister and open in 1992 along with the park, but this was abandoned. However, the Vekoma Hurricane project was revived in 1995 and the ride would instead be named Joker's Revenge. It would feature magenta track and supports and light yellow Arrow Dynamics trains. Around the same time, Six Flags already purchased Fiesta Texas. In late 1995, construction of the attraction began. The coaster would require over 400 gallons of magenta paint, placing 96 support columns at least 20 feet into the ground and installing over 2,500 nuts and bolts in the track and support columns. Construction was completed in April 1996. On May 10, 1996, Six Flags Fiesta Texas opened Joker's Revenge. Park employees were wearing yellow jackets and had their hair colored green. The most defining feature was the funhouse queue, which featured flashing lights and upside down furniture. The attraction quickly became rough and faced technical difficulties by the early 2000s. Only after 5 years of operation, Joker's Revenge would close in 2001. The coaster did not operate at all throughout the 2002 season. By the end of the summer season, it was completely dismantled and became a part of the Six Flags Ride Rotation Program. The queue line was used for the Brutal Planet Haunted House during Fright Fest. Joker's Revenge was sent to Six Flags New Orleans and was given a refurbishment. It was renamed Jester and received a new color scheme with green track and blue supports. The ride opened on April 13, 2003, but the entire park was shut down due to Hurricane Katrina. Jester is still standing on the property to this day. Back at Fiesta Texas, the queue house and concrete footers remained until 2006 when the spot was taken over by Pandemonium. For the layout itself, Joker's Revenge would be pulled up the 79 ft lift hill. At the top, the train would drop 69 ft at 40 mph and enter a 58 ft vertical loop. A right turn would lead into a 24 ft double corkscrew. Following this, the train would enter a helix before entering the brake run.
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