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  1. They're raising prices on admission-- the problem is the Six Flags business model is squeeze out more money and cut costs. It really DOES come down to an ad or no ride to them. Years ago I remember the ad sales department sold ad space on rides to "Tornados" spicy chips and sold advertising on the park's swing ride (not realizing the park had removed it years before). They found the next closest ride which was the Super Roundup (which was actually slated for removal as well), so it got painted and renamed with the sponsorship deal and it was spared. I have little doubt that M&Ms sponsorship is probably the main reason why the Skyride has not been removed (yet) when every other Six Flags park has removed theirs. There sometimes is a direct correlation between sponsorship and rides being kept (or at least maintained better). The Runaway Mine Train is one of the oldest rides in the park and has needed extensive work the past few years. Most likely sponsorship has helped pay for that needed work and kept the ride open.
  2. I'm assuming since it's set in NJ Great Adventure is part of the story.
  3. It is amazing to see how many times a hotel was proposed for the park and never happened.
  4. According to the Von Roll Skyride experts: "Most of Georgia parts went to Great Adventure. Some 34 cabins, grips, arms, spare tower batterys, dispatchers, controls" Now, how many of those cabins can be added I'm not sure. They were only running about 10 on the SFOG Skyride, so many may only be used for parts. Then it comes down to how much time/man power can be used by the Maintenance team to get more running. They have limits and coasters and other rides are priority versus getting more cars running on the Skyway.
  5. I HATE the ads on the rides, but if it comes down to ads on the ride or lose the ride because they don't have the money to maintain it, I'll take the ads! With Runaway Mine Train especially it's an old ride and has required some major work over the past few years. I can live with the wrap if it means it's safe from removal for another year.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised to hear they are in talks for a sale or merger soon...
  7. As long as Chapek is in charge EVERYTHING will have an IP... Gone are the days when Disney created something unique for the parks. Unless there's a market for the merchandise already it won't get built.
  8. They are (relatively) roomy. It's only 3 minutes of actual ride time, and considering this is such a huge show building and took so long to build and cost so much, it seems a little disappointing overall. I didn't get to do the whole preshow are when I rode, but it really felt like an updated Space Mountain in many aspects. My overall impression (and this isn't a knock on Universal) is that it's a Universal attraction-- a roller coaster with projections (and not great projections either). Overall a good and much needed addition to Epcot, but it really doesn't fit Epcot at all.
  9. Looks like Legoland in California is adding a Vekoma Madhouse. Apparently Legoland Windsor (UK) has one already. I wonder if the other Legoland parks will also add them? Houdini is such a fun family ride, it seems like a great fit for Legoland. I'm still surprised that GA and SFNE are the only parks in the US with them so far (20+ years later).
  10. And that was all the way over by the old front gate.
  11. Every management change is always looked at in retrospect as being the best and the worst depending on what aspects you're focused on. Premier was TERRRIBLE in so many ways, but they also added so many things that have really shaped the park. The pendulum always swings back and forth with one managements philosophy leaning toward family and smaller attractions then another deciding it's all about big thrills. This will always happen unless they get one steady management team.
  12. PGAV Destinations, designers of The Golden Kingdom and Plaza del Carnavale, are hiring for their new Orlando offices: https://pgavdestinations.com/news/pgav-destinations-opens-studio-in-orlando/ They have done extensive work for Busch/SeaWorld parks, as well as just about every other park chain. If you or someone you know is looking to get into the theme park design industry, this could be your way in.
  13. The original Six Flags parks had a similar facility called "The Chevy Show" (Chevy was the sponsor), and it was a simpler, 35 millimeter film created for Chevy and Six Flags. It was thought all the prints were lost, but someone found one and did a fantastic 4K transfer. The film is great because it features several Six Flags rides in it along with the standard plane/helicopter/car chase footage that these kind of movies were known for. Included is onride footage from The Great Gasp (SFOG Parachute drop), Screamin' Eagle (SFStL with what would become Great Adventure's parachute drop in the background), and early footage of Mind Bender (SFOG when it was silver). Watch it on the biggest screen you can!
  14. Interesting...I'm kind of surprised they would build a smaller version since the Six Flags model already seems small.
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