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  1. The C3PO imitation looks closer to the Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the character:
  2. Apparently Six Flags Over Georgia had the same “Darth Vader” for photos…
  3. Iron Gwazi, Ice Breaker, and Emperor have all been turned over to the parks (and paid for), but I'm not sure about Pantheon. It seems the strategy is to hold off opening them for now since the parks are all operating at or near capacity and are understaffed. My feeling is they are waiting to open them when crowds go down and/or they have full staffing to handle the additional crowds. Here in Orlando all the parks (except Disney parks) have been pretty much at capacity every day (full capacity) and opening a new ride right now would most likely mean even bigger crowds, but also even bigger headaches with complaints since the parks are still struggling to get up to full staffing. We may see them open as part of their Halloween events since the parks are all doing upcharge/hard ticket Halloween this year.
  4. There are a lot of things like that which would be wonderful, but the goal of the park is to make people walk past all those games and spend money. It's the same reason why they won't re-open Dream Street there at the 4 Tents.
  5. It was just kind of sad they had to fence them off since guests kept doing stupid things with them.
  6. This pairs with my memories from the early 80's of the old "lockers", which were in a trailer outside the Front Gate. The lockers were a bunch of anodized aluminum baskets with laminated numbers held on with clothes pins. You rented your locker for the day and they gave you the basket to put your stuff in (usually your bagged lunch). They gave you a copy of the laminated number to hold all day and come back and get your stuff. I always remember the trailer smelled like warm peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The baskets were just like these: We'd get dropped off at the planter with a few dollars and lunch, spend a few hours riding rides, go out to the mall area and sit on the brick wall eating our sandwiches, go back and ride a few more rides, then get picked up in the late afternoon.
  7. I thought that was a great feature-- too bad it didn't last long. A always assumed they must have had the battery and switch up under the lead car "hood" but I never got a chance to see where it was exactly.
  8. I remember many afternoons either waiting for my mom or my mom waiting for me there until I had my license.
  9. So no definitive answer in the report... https://www.nj.com/ocean/2021/07/rear-wheels-moved-out-of-position-in-six-flags-roller-coaster-derailment-report-finds.html
  10. I always thought it had a leather smell along with the air conditioning smell (similar to the AC smell of Showcase Theater)
  11. It was a valiant attempt at getting people to get rid of their gum in a place that was easy to clean up. Gum is just so gross, and I still don't quite get why people even bother chewing it in a park.
  12. El Toro has been "Red Tagged" by the state for review: https://www.app.com/story/news/local/emergencies/2021/06/30/state-shut-roller-coaster-el-toro-nj-six-flags-after-derailment/7816545002/
  13. Wow, we finally have a picture of it! I remember it and how all the boys would snicker. That was the same era as those "happy feet" posters where when you're a little kid you don't get it, but it's the poster on the wall of some older kids bedroom wall (next to the Farrah Faucet poster). I seem to remember both of those posters being sold at the park as well...
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