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  1. I guess they've decided it's no longer an issue? Interesting to see Screamscape saying Road Runner Railway will re-open with Jersey Devil and a new name/theme. I'd assume it will be the "Little Devil" if that is happening?
  2. Started AFTER construction resumed on JD and already test running:
  3. I just rode Velocicoaster as part of the Passholder preview-- WOW! Really intense! I tried to explain it and the whole ride is like the directional change hill on El Toro where it jumped over Rolling Thunder-- air time and directional changes simultaneously and never lets up. It looks amazing and is Universal doing what they do best-- thrills and theming together. The overflow queue is along the lagoon and is really close to the track and gives great views:
  4. They exhibited that at IAPPA in 2019-- very small, but someone will love it. Not me, but someone...
  5. Any time a ride is no longer manufactured (Intamin hasn't made a bobsled in decades) there's a good chance it's on the chopping block. Add to that the limited operations of the rides due to weather and they become obvious candidates for removal. I expect one to be removed and the other park to get the spare parts at some point.
  6. I was thinking about this today and remembering Dollywood just worked with Gerstlauer doing some retracking for Mystery Mine. Dollywood should be due for another coaster next year...
  7. I love the Italian Ice stand behind it.
  8. Maybe he and Witch Hazel and a few others will come out as add-ons
  9. There's a famous story at Universal of a squirrel who chewed through the wires of the giant Christmas tree. As a tribute/joke they added a squirrel animatronic to the tree who pops out periodically: This past year he became an even bigger celebrity with his own line of merchandise:
  10. Nope- Disney has decided Ratatouille and the new EPCOT fireworks show are the 2021 new additions, Tron is for 2022, and Guardians of the Galaxy is the 2023 addition.
  11. I wonder if they were having squirrel issues? Squirrels are notorious for chewing on Christmas light wires, and leaving them up for years at a time couldn't have been good for them either with the sun and heat and cold cycles deteriorating the coatings.
  12. Interesting they got new cars for Deja Vu:
  13. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/jackson-lakewood/jackson/2021/03/28/six-flags-great-adventure-wild-safari-fire/7036760002/
  14. OK, I missed that. I assume they can only run three at a time though. It's nice to have a spare, but very un-Six Flags to actually pay for a spare train rather than just running with fewer when one needs service. Look at BTR and SUF.
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