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  1. This was always my favorite place to eat in the park. The Thorn Apple Valley hot dogs were really good, and we ended up buying that brand in the supermarket because we liked them so much at the park. (sponsorships work)
  2. Just an update— we’re upgrading our site security and have had a couple of hiccups! Hang in there, good stuff is coming…
  3. I just saw really great things about Howl-O-Scream this year too.
  4. One of the big attractions that almost every park in the 1980's seems to have installed was the Cinema 180. They were simple and cost effective shows where the tent like structure supported a 180 degree screen which was created with suction behind the screen and a 70 millimeter film full of action sequences that you felt like you were in the middle of. Great Adventure had one (I used to run the projector while reading books for my college classes), and the other day I ran across a YouTube video compilation of some of the scenes from the films. Included is footage of the original Colossus at Magic Mountain and Loch Ness Monster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.
  5. I just saw the announcement that Adventure Island is officially going to year round operations now with heated water for the colder months! https://attractionsmagazine.com/adventure-island-water-park-now-operating-year-round-new-hang-ten-tiki-bar-now-open/ Those $10 certificates are awesome, especially when combined with the 50% Platinum Pass discount. I got a bunch of the BGT Railway 50th shirts for a really great price between the discount and the certificate last month. My favorite thing with the Florida SeaWorld parks is the festivals-- the lanyards get yo a lot of food and drinks for really great prices (around $4 @ with the passholder discount). The Beer Fest, Food & Wine Fest, etc. are always filled with great food (better than EPCOT and larger portions).
  6. You may be right. I remember thinking they were all a little weird. They reminded me of illustrations from kids books from other countries.
  7. There was one where it was like a China Town street scene with the dragon that moved and fireworks.
  8. Could be worse, it could be like Disney's new pass structure...
  9. Adventure Island has a relatively short season-- I think it's March through November. That always has surprised me, but Busch Gardens uses their parking for Christmas so that might be part of it.
  10. A membership is still a bargain. For $7 a month (less than $84 a year) you get unlimited visits and parking at all SF parks. To get the same thing at Cedar Fair it's almost $200 a year To get that at the SeaWorld Parks it's almost $300 a year
  11. I remember several times helping to chase those flowers when the wind caught them and blew them right out of the holders. They were so light it didn't take much. It seemed like every teen girl who rode the bus to get to the park bought one to bring home to her mother.
  12. So it sounds like they're toying with the idea of making Fright Fest and/or Holiday in the Park separate ticket events the way the SeaWorld parks are. BGW is doing the same thing where Members get admission to those events but passholders do not.
  13. Yeah, they had to make sure people weren't getting too good at the games and winning stuff to sell.
  14. ALWAYS! I used to laugh when it was not just coins but dollar bills falling out. I can only imagine if cell phones were a thing back then what would have happened...
  15. I think they may have finally realized that not building expensive new coasters periodically was hurting attendance. Especially in competitive markets like San Antonio where SeaWorld has opened a couple of new coasters recently. My guess is we'll be back to small additions for a year or two then a big addition again for all the parks.
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