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  1. I guess they've decided it's no longer an issue? Interesting to see Screamscape saying Road Runner Railway will re-open with Jersey Devil and a new name/theme. I'd assume it will be the "Little Devil" if that is happening?
  2. Started AFTER construction resumed on JD and already test running:
  3. I just rode Velocicoaster as part of the Passholder preview-- WOW! Really intense! I tried to explain it and the whole ride is like the directional change hill on El Toro where it jumped over Rolling Thunder-- air time and directional changes simultaneously and never lets up. It looks amazing and is Universal doing what they do best-- thrills and theming together. The overflow queue is along the lagoon and is really close to the track and gives great views:
  4. They exhibited that at IAPPA in 2019-- very small, but someone will love it. Not me, but someone...
  5. Any time a ride is no longer manufactured (Intamin hasn't made a bobsled in decades) there's a good chance it's on the chopping block. Add to that the limited operations of the rides due to weather and they become obvious candidates for removal. I expect one to be removed and the other park to get the spare parts at some point.
  6. I was thinking about this today and remembering Dollywood just worked with Gerstlauer doing some retracking for Mystery Mine. Dollywood should be due for another coaster next year...
  7. I love the Italian Ice stand behind it.
  8. Maybe he and Witch Hazel and a few others will come out as add-ons
  9. There's a famous story at Universal of a squirrel who chewed through the wires of the giant Christmas tree. As a tribute/joke they added a squirrel animatronic to the tree who pops out periodically: This past year he became an even bigger celebrity with his own line of merchandise:
  10. Nope- Disney has decided Ratatouille and the new EPCOT fireworks show are the 2021 new additions, Tron is for 2022, and Guardians of the Galaxy is the 2023 addition.
  11. I wonder if they were having squirrel issues? Squirrels are notorious for chewing on Christmas light wires, and leaving them up for years at a time couldn't have been good for them either with the sun and heat and cold cycles deteriorating the coatings.
  12. Interesting they got new cars for Deja Vu:
  13. https://www.app.com/story/news/local/jackson-lakewood/jackson/2021/03/28/six-flags-great-adventure-wild-safari-fire/7036760002/
  14. OK, I missed that. I assume they can only run three at a time though. It's nice to have a spare, but very un-Six Flags to actually pay for a spare train rather than just running with fewer when one needs service. Look at BTR and SUF.
  15. Four storage tracks? How many trains will this little coaster have?
  16. I was shocked when they included it with the park to start with, but at least they built it in a way that they could make it a separate gate and share the entry plaza (like Magic Mountain). All these theme park/water park combos just seem like a nightmare to balance out the crowds. Separate gates make it a little easier to control the capacity.
  17. It was one of the original GASM loops. They were replaced with reinforced track after the first season.
  18. I'm more worried about the Big Wheel. Six Flags has removed several ferris wheels over the years, even when their manufacturer is still in business and making parts...
  19. I always thought it was kind of odd placement feeling more oriented to the theme park than the waterpark.
  20. My father was laid off from his job and worked at GA overnights in Cash Control back then. Apparently it was a nightmare trying to clear the park on the midnight and later closings-- people just never wanted to leave! They'd have to wait for Security to call the park clear so they could take the van into the park and collect all the money taken in that day (HUGE AMOUNTS!). Just bags and bags of coins collected each day from things like the quarter toss and Doc's Dimes.
  21. Investors looking to purchase Clementon and keep it open: https://www.inquirer.com/business/clementon-park-splash-rides-roller-coasters-auction-norfolk-state-20210312.html
  22. I never went to any of these, but I remember the commercials and knew "stories" about them from classmates who went: https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/jersey-shore-haunted-houses?utm_source=Atlas+Obscura+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=f76856b309-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2021_03_09&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f36db9c480-f76856b309-70140565&mc_cid=f76856b309&mc_eid=2622ec8389
  23. Correction/update- just the one side was re-cabled this year, the other side was re-cabled more recently and was just re-spliced to adjust for the stretch. Apparently they are re-cabled on different schedules. Also learned that SFOG supposedly had 36 gondolas. I hope they're being shipped to GA as replacements or at least for parts.
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