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  1. So between this, and the departure of the SFOT president, I could see a couple of people moving around in the company. Honestly I'm kind of surprised Jeff Seibert hasn't been promoted to a larger park since he's been doing such a great job with SFFT. I wouldn't be surprised to see him moved to either SFOT or SFGAm.
  2. The rumor is the new Minions attraction will be based on the new movie and feature "Villain Con" (which in the movie was set in Orlando). The current rumor is it will be an interactive (possibly shooter type) attraction featuring moving sidewalks taking you through the show floor of Villain Con. It actually sounds like it could be fun, and since Universal owns the Minions concept and it sells tons of merchandise, it's a good fit.
  3. We re-posted a Facebook post from Stansphotos.com on our FB page and I wanted to share them here for those not on FB. I tried to go to Stansphotos.com, and the website is blocked as being non-secure by my browser... They're some great shots and I was really happy to see them!
  4. I find a standard Ferris Wheel terrifying (I hate the not moving while load/unloading). The swaying scares me to death. If I could just get on and keep moving the whole time I'd be OK, but the stopped at the top and feeling the wind and motion of the structure is way too scary!
  5. This will ALWAYS be our wish! Personally I'd love to see hotel with indoor water park like Six Flags built at Great Escape. Back in September I got to stay at the Dream More Resort at Dollywood and it really made our time there an amazing vacation and not just a "trip to a theme park".
  6. It looks like a lot of the parks are upgrading their entrance plazas this year. SFFT already started demolition on their plaza...
  7. That being said, I would never ride anything but the stationary cars, but it would be cool to offer something new but true to the original idea.
  8. The Big Wheel has been an icon of the park for almost 50 years now, and I know I can't picture GA without it. I previous years we've wished for updated lighting for the Big Wheel which would be cool, but the ride's age may mean it needs to be replaced. If it dose, it would be great to see something new (but in the same spirit) replace it... (minus Hello Kitty of course)
  9. Interesting-- the rumor was Palace was not doing well and was possibly selling off assets to Six Flags...
  10. For a while now Congo Rapids has been in need of updating/upgrading and in a complete no-man's land not part of any particular area of the park. With the recent addition of Jersey Devil and it's park theme, why not make Roaring Rapids a part of that park? Give it a few upgrades, and change the name.
  11. It would be great to see more Six Flags branded game prizes, along with other game prizes that are equally souvenir and game prize. I'm not a game player and usually don't play them, but if they were giving away prizes that were unique and specific to the park, I might. I always remember Dorney used to have Steel Force plush they'd give away at games, and I thought it was great souvenir.
  12. The 'triggers' for the rotation can be relocated and adjusted to give more or less spin. Periodically moving them could give new ride experiences.
  13. With more Skip the Line passes being given as passholder perks, the procedure for redeeming them needs to improve. I think the SeaWorld and Busch parks have got a great system for this- passholders redeem any kind of "rewards" (skip the line passes, coupons, vouchers for food/merchandise) from kiosks throughout the parks. A simple printed voucher then gets turned in at the ride entrance for the skip the line so you don't have to carry your phone on the ride, which of course is not allowed anyway!
  14. I've always collected them from my trips. When I would visit a new park I'd sometimes get a roll of quarters to take with me just for getting pressed pennies.
  15. People give TDK grief, but it's a fun ride that just about everyone can ride, and the dark ride elements when it open were actually well done. It's just a shame they haven't been maintained and the skyline theme element on the front of the building was never installed. Especially when the park has so few rides for those who are not big enough or brave enough for the big coasters, TDK is a great ride.
  16. The new rumor/speculation was they made it more generic with the idea it could easily be re-theme to Guardians of the Galaxy at some point.
  17. When Skull Mountain was built the exterior and queue area were very well themed, but the ride itself was left unfinished. It would be great to see the now classic ride get some love with some new interior theme elements.
  18. This one is pretty high on my personal list. The Fort is an icon of the park and really needs to be maintained. We've lost too many of the original buildings that were so unique already...
  19. The building was gutted for a new attraction, and now just sits vacant. Maybe it's time to put something new in there...
  20. A part of it is there's not much that actually looks or feels like a Star Wars movie-- it's a lot more Star Trek in look and feel.
  21. This is something some other parks are doing, and just to be able to use the season drink without having to remember/carry/protect your drink bottle would be a huge plus for many people.
  22. As the park has grown and traffic has increased from the northeast bound lane of 537, the old access road hasn't kept up with demand. It's time to fix that...
  23. This is a big (and fairly easy) one for me. When Hurricane Harbor opened it was so beautifully themed. The theme elements were fun and colorful, and really elevated the park. I know they probably would never bring them all back, but maintaining what's still there shouldn't be that hard.
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