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  1. Does anybody have any specifications as to the hanger building that housed the old sim attractions? Like i mean any sort of idea as to the floorplan? I know the seats/preshow have been gutted but whats left? What is on the second floor??
  2. ahhh i see! yeah that makes perfect sense. the idea that sparked my research into this was that I saw the half walkway in the front of the fort come to a dead end at a wall...which looks like there should be a door there. Then I saw that in your book, you have a blueprint of the front, and the wall has a symbol over it...which i thought might mean a change in the original plans. and it would make sense for the fort to have the insides that i depicted above, in my mind. again, this is the kind of stuff i love exploring when it comes to GADV's history =D
  3. thanks guys! so i guess this means that the plans for the catwalks being accessible by guests were never put in effect. so those towers are completely empty on the inside? like hollowed out from the base to the catwalks? with a ladder running up them? also, how do you access the ladder in tower 2? is there another hatch like in tower 3?
  4. thanks!!! pm me for my email
  5. Okay firstoff id like to apologize for i believe this post is in the wrong place.... but on the other hand, i am doing a pretty comprehensive report on the design aspects of 'The Fort', the structure that houses the skyride and RMT. I'm interested in the stuff you as the guest dont see, being stairwells and underlaying aspects of the building. I have been examining the building from as many views as possible and after a loooooongg time of thinking the whole thing out, i have made a simple diagram of the fort from how i believe everything is on the inside. Also, another thing that mak
  6. HEY GUESS WHAT! I opened up my mail today and I saw that the Daily Planet sent me a copy of their newspaper...the one with BIZARRO as the header. Did anyone else get this?
  7. Harry, when you said that you never heard of Bizarro...you may not know, but a new superman movie is coming out in 2011. Maybe he will appear there.
  8. ME TOO!!!!!!!! I am the pic about the headless lady. And I swear there was no editing there! Its soo freaky!
  9. i was there on the day they filmed the people on the boardwalk! I tried to get in the shot and i cant tell if im in the background.
  10. ah ok. and did anyone see the new video on http://www.seetheride.com/?
  11. I walked arounf the backside of the northern star arena and saw a really good view of those trenches yesterday! I also noticed black boxes on the MCBR and lift and I cant remember if these were here before. Anyone know? Also on the LexCorp securtie site at www.LexCorpInternational/security, there is a new login page asking for username/password. I also noticed u can enter your phone number at the bottom and lexcorp will call you about the security status!
  12. Sorry For The Double Post But.............................. I got some more golden kingdom music! (thanks to VCAST Song ID ) Most of the stuff is either safri duo or from the artist gigi's Illuminated Audio album. I can hear many songs on that album played in the Golden Kingdom.
  13. I think there might be some confusion.........im talking about having trouble uploading to the Bizarro site. Or is this what you were talking about?
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