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  1. I agree that Rolling Thunder is giving some great rides this year which makes this news even harder to swallow. We just rode it on Sunday and our baby did us proud.
  2. Can anyone share the "real" reason for RT's removal either here or in a private message? It was my first wooden coaster and very special to my husband and I. We've ridden it 3,455 times over the years and maybe knowing the "real" reason might help ease the pain.
  3. Don't know what Great Adventure was like yesterday, but Dorney was mobbed. Traffic was jammed for miles around the park. They filled the overflow lot and the grass lot on the opposite side of the street.
  4. Any sign of the big Aldabra tortoises at Camp Aventura? We used to love seeing them in the Golden Kingdom and were told they moved to Camp Aventura. Just don't want to spend the time going on Safari Off Road Adventure until we're 100% certain that they're there.
  5. I'm curious why Great Adventure is the only park in the Six Flags chain that's not offering the Gold Pass option. I want the Gold Pass since it offers parking at all Six Flags parks and it's shame that I'm going to have to drive out of my way to SF America or SF New England just to get one.
  6. Not that I doubt your information, but is this spelled out on the SF website somewhere? I can't seem to find it. That would really not be good about the parking only good at 1 park. Guess that will really cut down our visits to other parks. No way are we paying their ridiculous parking prices!
  7. Is anyone planning to participate in this event? I'd really like to do it this year, but I'd much rather do it as part of a team rather than on my own. Anyone else interested in starting a team and/or already have a team that others could join?
  8. I'm mostly indifferent about this ride coming to Dorney. It's an OK ride and I'll go on it once in a while, but I don't really understand the logic of moving the ride here. I'm most disappointed about the loss of the Krazy Cars. I enjoyed those bumper cars, especially since there aren't many left like those. I'm sure that any of Dorney's guests who are familiar with Great Adventure are going to think Dorney got GA's ride.
  9. It would be great if there could be a tour arranged for members of the forum. I've done off-season tours of Dorney and Lake Compounce, but I'd really love the chance to see Great Adventure during the off-season.
  10. The fact that they haven't announced a new date yet is making me think it's not going to happen. I certainly hope I'm wrong though! We still have our pile of donations here awaiting word on if it's happening or not.
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