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  1. https://youtu.be/D4Inc4YQ6jY I usually enjoy this channel, but when I saw he ranked GASM as number 1 I kind of felt offended. Was it rough? Yes. But the worst roller coaster experience ever? Eh. In my opinion, no. I enjoyed GASM’s ride. I know he’s entitled to his opinion, but I would take GASM over Green Lantern any day.
  2. It's just like last year with El Diablo. They can get these rides open and running if they wanted to, but it's better to wait Til Memorial Day for the "grand opening" to get more people at the park. I still have yet to see The Joker advertised on tv or the radio which I'm kinda surprised by
  3. Knowing how their marketing team works if they ever added new effects they would market it as a "new ride". It wouldn't be that much money to add some lights or props. They spend plenty of money fixing up the park with paint and landscaping. That doesn't make the park any money, but its what you have to do. And that should go the same with giving these rides some TLC once in a while and keeping them up to date.
  4. It would be cool if they add some theme elements to the que like how Fiesta Texas did for Batman the Ride
  5. I know people are tired of DC themed rides but I love them! Haha Im glad we're finally getting a Joker themed coaster! Especially with the Suicide Squad coming out this year you know they will be marketing the hell out of that movie. Next we can expect a Harley Quinn Spinsanity ;D
  6. Last year I told myself I would finally enroll in school and get a promotion at my job. I accomplished both! This year I wanna focus on working out n getting into the best shape I've ever been in
  7. Beautifully said^ the only thing wrong with Bizarro is that it doesn't go further w the "bizarre" theme. Re-add some on board audio, or at least speakers to the lift like on GL that explains a little bit of what's going on. Some cutthroughs on the lift as well.
  8. Exactly^ Bizarro is a fun theme IMO. They should add more crazy props in the que line.
  9. Im telling you if they take inspiration from the Srpuce Street Harbor Park and add the right lighting, some nice benches and chairs, neon lights in the trees of fantasy forest, that whole area could be perfect for taking a moment to relax and take pictures. Then they could add a beer garden eventually
  10. It seems like a missed opportunity for me with one thing: had we not renamed LD into El Diablo just last year, I think that TM would have been perfect it was called the Jersey Devil. The color scheme is perfect, and I know I keep harping on that name but hey I love my home state. Fly with the Devil! Haha oh well.. Maybe one day in the future.
  11. So of the ride's layout is only as long as the fort, then what are they gonna do with the grandstand's area?
  12. I feel like every year we go "well next year will definitely be Movietown, Old country, or the Simulator Building!" But then they end up clearing out a whole other area and then add a new attraction there. Movietown has had no love since 2008's TDKC The simulator was removed back in 2010. And Old Country has been a wasteland for ever but I feel like thats an ideal location for HITP.
  13. And it's funny how except for TM and the super loops pretty much every park got a ride named after a DC superhero/villain. I'll admit I am kinda jealous of SFOT's additions. I feel like those three would go great in Movietown. Maybe next year? And I'm only a little let down bc the rumor of the taller model of the free spin was put out there, but hey what can you do? Also I personally wouldnt color it red and orange. Definitely Blue and white or Silver along the lake would look better, but maybe if we complain enough we can get that to happen. Lol
  14. OMG... What if they're building another super loop, but 200 ft high and naming it... dear Neptune.....:..... The Looping Dragon.
  15. They should paint it every single color and call it "Rainbow Roundabout"
  16. GA online has posted on Facebook that the colors for the new "ride" for 2016 will be... Red and Orange. Hmm.. Why do I feel like I've seen that color scheme before. "Cough" el diablo
  17. I always loved the idea of skull mountain with single 4-person trains like TDK has. I feel like that ride would be insane!!!!! Maybe even with spinning cars would be crazy.
  18. This forum is just like watching reality tv with all this arguing. "Great Adventure History" premieres September 3rd only on VH1! (Im going to point out that was a joke. Source Credit: my smart a#%)
  19. For my birthday last week I decided to visit the Spruce Street Harbor Park in Philly, and while I was there I thought wow this would be great to have at GA along the lakefront. if you haven't been to the SSHP it's pretty cool, they have neon lights hanging from the trees with tons of hammocks for couples to lounge in, a mini arcade, outside games like giant chess, bocce, shuffle board, connect 4, and ping pong, along with a giant floating beer garden on the river. I could see us adding something similar to the lakefront so adults can have a nice area to go to and enjoy a beer. Bc honestly the only areas that sell beer confine you into a small area that isn't really enjoyable. I would love to walk along the lake and enjoy a drink. So say if the new attraction doesnt take up the whole area why couldnt they build something similar to SSHP? Parents can enjoy the lake while their kids take a ride on whatever the new ride is and still be close enough to watch over them.
  20. It's not like they would lock the gates and forbid people from leaving if they wanted to haha. Or maybe they should but I just think that not everybody wants to stand around to watch a show. I personally would love to sit down.
  21. How come they never used the Batman Stadium to house Dead Man's Party? You would think with all the seats it would be an ideal location especially for the people who wanna get there early and wait for the show that they would be able to sit down.
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