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  1. Don't mind me, just sneaking through
  2. Don't mind me, just sneaking through
  3. The gang heading up to Georgia. Left to Right: Myself, Lauren, Joy, Matthew and Jackie. We left Orlando at 3:30am to get to Six Flags Over Georgia for opening. Here's Matthew adding up his coaster count so he can figure out what coaster to make his 100th. We made a pit stop a long the way. Joy showing off the classiness of South Georgia. We arrived at the park a little bit after opening. Batman - The Ride Mindbender. My personal favorite steel roller coaster. Look at those sexy Schwarzkopf curves From the plaza you get some nice angles of G
  4. The ride was closed when it was taken. The kid sitting in the middle was the Lead.
  5. My friend Matthew and I decided to get some use out of our SeaWorld Orland / Busch Gardens Tampa Bay annual pass and head out to Busch Gardens for the day. Montu greets us in the parking lot. Here's Matthew and I on the parking lot tram ready to head into the park. Oh no! Not the Watering Hole! You know it's a busy day at Busch Gardens when... We decided to wait in line for Gwazi anyway. Why? I don't know, I really don't have an answer. So, Gwazi use to be two sides. But they now have the Tiger side permanently closed. As Matthew shows here, they a
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