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  1. Don't mind me, just sneaking through
  2. Don't mind me, just sneaking through
  3. The gang heading up to Georgia. Left to Right: Myself, Lauren, Joy, Matthew and Jackie. We left Orlando at 3:30am to get to Six Flags Over Georgia for opening. Here's Matthew adding up his coaster count so he can figure out what coaster to make his 100th. We made a pit stop a long the way. Joy showing off the classiness of South Georgia. We arrived at the park a little bit after opening. Batman - The Ride Mindbender. My personal favorite steel roller coaster. Look at those sexy Schwarzkopf curves From the plaza you get some nice angles of Goliath Time to try out our new season passes. It's a little strange not having our photos on the pass anymore. Jackie using the bio-metric scanners We started our day by heading the British section of the park. First ride of the day was Georgia Cyclone. The line wasn't terribly long. The gang in line for Georgia Cyclone. All of us on this trip, except Matthew have been to Six Flags Over Georgia. A couple of the coasters were trying out a Single Rider line. ...it made absolutely no sense. It was just one of the rows in the station, and the attendants would sometimes pull people from it. We saw a lot of your typical first day of operations problems. Such as hitting any sort of dispatch interval. It was 5 - 7 minute dispatches. We were pleased to see that Georgia Cyclone was running with the trims OFF! Matt's very excited for his first ride. The airtime on this part of the ride is ridiculously terrifying. Seriously, Georgia Cyclone was kicking total butt! My cousin Joy in line for the Dahlonega Mine Train. The crew here was doing a great job sending trains out on time. Next, the kiddies went and rode Canyon Blaster. I watched One of Six Flags' greatest gems. Monster Mansion is one of my favorite dark rides. Matthew and I ready for the picnic. Lauren, Jackie and Joy are also ready to go to this monster picnic. The operator was letting us know that humans are allowed. If you have zero idea what I'm talking about, click here. We were impressed to find that they were giving out actual cups of water. Ugh...Matthew needed the credit. Joy and Lauren for their brutal ride on Ninja. They came back claiming it wasn't as rough as it has been. Note: These are Arrow trains on the track from Scream Machine at Great Adventure. I'd like to point out the random left-over Arrow restraint on it behind Joy. Also, they were running only one train and dispatching every 8 minutes. Next was on to the Great American Scream Machine. GASM is a beautiful and fun coaster. Almost our turn to ride. Yup, that's Superman - Ultimate Flight. Yup, we rode it. ...yup. Moving on Hanson Cars, Up Up and Away and the Riverview Carousel. Lickskillet. Time for some Sky Buckets. Matthew on the Sky Buckets. It's a little higher than the ones at Busch Gardens Tampa that he's used to Still not as terrifyingly tall as Great Adventure's. Goliath. Monster Mansion from the Sky Buckets. This is the only photo of Georgia Scorcher I took on this visit. It was decent. I actually enjoy it. Goliath towers over the front of the park. Some more photos of Goliath. Time to head down to Gotham. Crime Wave was not having the best day. We saw this multiple times throughout the day. Matthew in front of his 100th roller coaster. Mindbender! This coaster is pure perfection. It's filled with airtime. And it's very forceful. Generic Batman The Ride. But still fun. Open door leading to restricted area fence. ...this is how people get beheaded! Batman / BatMobile / BatMatt Oh Dare Devil Dive... It's really not that thrilling. The capacity is pretty terrible on it too. Seriously... Goliath is a really fun, smooth, airtime filled ride. Time to hitch a ride! (Oh yea, gotta love lame captions) Mindbender Dare Devil Dive Goliath Georgia Cyclone Great American Scream Machine Ninja The girls went shopping, so Matt and I rode Monster Mansion again. Sky Screamer. The only ride in the world that literally terrifies me. The Riverview Carousel is always a must. In typical fashion, Acrophobia was down most of the day. But it did open, and we got to ride it. We ended our day by riding Mindbender. Unfortunately Mindbender was only running 1 train all day. Matthew and Jackie love Mindbender just like the rest of us. We'll end this PTR here. Everyone exhausted at the hotel. Overall, we had a great visit. -Dainan "Wishes I was still riding Mindbender" Rafferty
  4. The ride was closed when it was taken. The kid sitting in the middle was the Lead.
  5. My friend Matthew and I decided to get some use out of our SeaWorld Orland / Busch Gardens Tampa Bay annual pass and head out to Busch Gardens for the day. Montu greets us in the parking lot. Here's Matthew and I on the parking lot tram ready to head into the park. Oh no! Not the Watering Hole! You know it's a busy day at Busch Gardens when... We decided to wait in line for Gwazi anyway. Why? I don't know, I really don't have an answer. So, Gwazi use to be two sides. But they now have the Tiger side permanently closed. As Matthew shows here, they are now using the Tiger station as Quick Queue. Rumor is that Busch Gardens closed Tiger and is only keeping Lion open till they have the budget next year to take the entire coaster out. It's a shame really, the park has tried so hard with this ride. And now they're just letting it go. After Gwazi we headed over to Walkabout Way. How can you not love kangaroos? Just chillin Pretty blunt My fingers are not food! Go away! We then went over to Sesame Safari of Fun so Matthew can get his only needed credit at the park on Air Grover. Success! and of course we played around. Oh...I guess SheiKra's open. It had a full queue so we decided to come back later. Stanley Falls was very popular on this hot summer Floridian day. Sleepy tigers. Still the best coaster in the park. Just gorgeous! Attempted to get a fly by shot while in the station. Okay, last photo of Kumba! Alright, let's check on the progress of Falcon's Fury. It's coming along. Um...what happened to Scorpion's sign? Schwarzkopf Silver Arrow The new logo has been on the train for a while now. But it's the first time I've taken a picture of it. Such a little ride packs such a big punch. I love it . Walking from Timbuktu, through Nairobi to Egypt, you can get some pretty great shots of Cheetah Hunt. In the Edge of Africa, you can get pretty close to sleepy hyenas. I really do love this park. Montu is the staple of Egypt. Still one of the best B&M Inverts out there. Budget cuts are starting to spot up all over the park. Here's King Tut's Tomb closed with all the scenery taken off it. Here's the lovely Crown Colony. The top floor is a sit down restaurant which is scheduled to close in a few weeks. Now onto a random photo of Cheetah Hunt's awkward overflow queue. We got in line and it shut down for weather, and then like a good little Intamin, shut down for technical difficulties. But we waited it out. After an hour and twenty minutes of waiting out downtimes, we got to ride. When we got off the ride, a guest handed us her Quick Queue - Handicap Access ticket she got for the ride that she decided she didn't want to use on it, so we got to ride again. Matthew's freaked out by the elevator in Cheetah Hunt's station that we had to take. We decided to wait for the front being it was only a 5 train wait. Cheetah Hunt through the trees!!!! We decided to take the Skyride over to the other side of the park so we could ride SheiKra. Cheetah Hunt from Skyride. Nice dyed mullet dude! SheiKra...yea, can't really think of a clever caption. We rode it. It was alright. Loses the novelty after the first 40 times tho After SheiKra we took the Skyride back to the front of the park. Kumba <3 This cheetah's had enough for today. And so had we. On the way out of the park, I saw some kids dancing with some very enthusiastic Busch employees. Back at the car, we found some nice shoes for us next to our parking space. Stay classy Tampa Bay. -Dainan "Till next time" Rafferty
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